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Hot Toys is Bringing You a Sexy, Unique Alien Figurine

Hot Toys, a Hong Kong based production house aimed at developing collectibles, announced recently that they have added a new, unique figurine to their collection. The figure, known as Alien Girl, takes inspiration from the popular Alien films by Ridley Scott.

It’s quite rare to find someone who hasn’t seen or at least heard of Alien. What began as a successful film franchise in 1979 has morphed into a globally recognized brand. There’s no doubt Alien has been the inspiration for a lot of things since its birth; a tongue-in-cheek cameo even showed up in Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64. It’s not surprising then that Hot Toys are now advertising their latest collectible, the aptly named Alien Girl.

Alien Girl takes all her inspiration from the iconic Xenomorph, a notoriously deadly creature from which the Alien franchise takes its namesake. Originally designed by H.R. Giger, the alien from the films has always been inherently sexual. Just one look at some of Giger’s artwork and you’ll spot the phallic imagery and sexually suggestive poses (it’s a penis, it’s just a penis). Is it really surprising that Hot Toys would create a sexy xeno girl, in light of that? Not at all! In fact, they’re just doing what the original author did himself. Granted, it’s a little less on the artistic end and lands more on the eye candy side of things, but who are we to judge?

The Alien Girl figure herself is quite the looker. Adorned in black and designed by Elphonso Lam, her outfit is made to resemble the xenomorph’s smooth lines and skeletal form. Her costume is more like armor that envelopes her lithe frame, hugging all the right places just like you’d want it to. It looks just like the alien’s body, with prominent ribs and extruding points – it even has a long spine-like tail to boot. Of course, no sexy armor would be complete without some skin showing, and everyone knows bikini armor gives the highest defense rating. There’s a nice big portion that shows off Alien Girl’s toned stomach and cleavage, and there’s also a nice bit of absolute territory with her large thigh high boots.

The collectible figure stands at roughly 29cm tall, which is around 12 inches or the size of one very large cock. Alien Girl features the iconic alien head, sculpted in a sturdy material. The head also features a translucent carapace to give that slick alien look, and the girl’s head itself comes with two interchangeable hand-painted face sculpts (one looks a bit silly, mind you). The figurine features a newly developed body by Joseph Tsang, which has 30 points of articulation to pose as you like. The piece is realistically painted to give it that alien look, as well as to capture the toned figure of the girl underneath. The collectible comes with 4 interchangeable hands, one of which is designed to hold her unique “canon blaster” weapon.

The toy looks like it will retail for around $265 (£177), and is currently available for pre-order at some select outlets . It’s definitely an investment at that sort of price, but fans of collectibles likely won’t be phased. All the product details are available on the Hot Toys website, which has a lot of images and the exact specifications. Hot Toys creates a lot of other items as well, and while they are mostly film related, with such a crossover between the two industries, fans of video games will likely find something they enjoy too. Alien Girl is no doubt their sexiest model, so to fans of the female form and recent games like Alien Isolation or the Alien series in general, this might be for you.

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