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Time Tenshi Now Available on Steam

Time Tenshi, an ecchi visual novel by Silver Cow Studio, is now available on Steam. Set in an era where time travel is reality, make humanity’s dream come to life as you surf through the ages in this indie adventure title.

You may not have heard of Silver Cow Studio, a fledgling developer that’s just breaking into naughty games. Time Tenshi is their first game to hit Steam, having been released earlier this week. Due to it being on Steam, don’t expect too much adult material, but there are plenty of big breasts there to hold your attention. If you’re into that sort of thing, that is. Time Tenshi, as the name suggests, is all about time travel.

Time Tenshi is set in a land where humanity has finally discovered the power of moving through time. Developed in secret for decades, the concealed project, known as the Time Window, has made the unthinkable a reality. Hidden deep within an unknown research facility, the time machine is known only to a few. The game follows two young heroines, Rose and Kyo, as they travel into the past. Known as the Time Angels, the girls are watched over by the mastermind behind it all – Tensai Shiro. Michelle, the base’s commander and operational manager, ensures they meet their goals and have a smooth ride through the Window.

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Due to the experimental nature of the Time Window, only women have been able to use it thus far. That’s great news for players, as that little caveat means there are plenty of ladies present. Even so, the Time Window still has some surprising and unexpected effects on its users, something that you’ll need to find out on your own. On top of all this, another organisation known only as Chrontek has caught wind of the project, and seeks to use it for its own nefarious means.

As a visual novel, things should be quite straightforward. Time Tenshi features a number of busty girls for players to enjoy, and is described as an adventure title with dating sim features. The game has an anime style, with each girl sporting a number of racy outfits. It’s definitely the kind of professional attire that should be implemented in the real workplace, at least. As a visual novel, there’s no spoken word, but the text and interface is all in English. The developers promise that there’s plenty of fanservice to go around, so players looking for a futuristic ecchi experience might want to take a look.

Time Tenshi is currently on sale until December 1st, and currently retails for $7.99 (£5.59). It has a fairly mixed set of reviews so far, and currently sits at a 66% approval rating. As it’s just come out that’s only from a handful of reviews, so it might not paint the clearest picture. The game will run on Windows, OSX and Linux, and you only really need a toaster to get it going. Like most young development teams, Silver Cow Studio operates a Patreon for their latest projects. They don’t have their own website, but you can find them on Twitter or on Facebook for more details.

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