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[UPDATE] Hearthstone Nude Mod

The Other Kind of WhoreCraft

The desire for Internet’s rule 34 is stronger than ever when even an online card game like Hearthstone gets a nude mod created for it.

No, you do not need to adjust your monitors or rub your eyes in disbelief—the world’s most popular online card battling game Hearthstone does indeed have a lewd mod available.

This interesting and unique mod, tentatively named WhoreStone, has been created by a Game Vixen Zone forum user going by the name of Eddyboy. As explained by the creator himself, the game modification switches out female character art and most of the in-game card front art with lewd versions.

What I’ll try to change with it is basically turning every card possible into a NSFW version that still has a similar content to the original motive or otherwise fits the card name. That means probably every female minion and most spells will be changed at some point. Basically it’s just for teh lulz.

ATTENTION: Because some of the pictures are very NSFW to the point of probably being considered offensive by many people, I also made a “lighthearted” version that doesn’t change those cards.

The full version changes over 100 cards/minions as well as the portraits of mage and rogue. The light version changes less, but is still recommended for the average user.

To give you a better idea of how the newly modified cards and characters look like, take a peek at the screenshots below.

Additionally, Eddyboy himself reassures anyone on the fence about using the modification that is completely safe to use as it does not in any way interact with the game’s process, which in turn won’t prompt Blizzard to intervene and issue account suspensions. The WhoreStone mod is constantly being updated as new cards are being officially added to the game in various expansions.

[UPDATE] Due to the Game Vixen Zone forums shutting down, the thread and all download links have been moved to a new placed called Undertowclub. Check out the official WhoreStone thread over there. [/UPDATE]

For instructions on how to download, install and use the modification, venture into the official WhoreStone thread on Game Vixen Zone.

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