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MangaGamer Sakura Swim Club

Winged Cloud and MangaGamer Partner Up

Ecchi visual novel and eroge developer winged cloud has partnered up with publisher MangaGamer. Two new winged cloud games have been announced as well.

Known for their series of ecchi Sakura games, visual novel producer winged cloud has partnered up with MangaGamer. The announcement comes from MangaGamer’s official blog, where they provide some insight on their decision to establish a partnership with the popular indie studio.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with English-language visual novel developer, Winged Cloud! We’re really excited about the prospects this new partnership holds for Winged Cloud and visual novels. Their games have always been well known for their artwork and their sexy situations, but we believe this partnership will help Winged Cloud explore their strong suits with less content restraints as they start challenging themselves in a new direction. We want to help nurture their visual novel development as they continue to grow.

To promote the new partnership deal, MangaGamer is now offering the adult version of one of winged cloud’s latest titles, Sakura Swim Club. In addition to that, MG has also announced two new upcoming titles in the Sakura series. The first one, Sakura Santa (already available for pre-order) is an all-ages winter holiday themed romantic story, the plot summary of which can be read in this very article.

Koji is feeling a bit down. He’s spending Christmas alone for the first time this year! After moving away from home to attend the university of  his dreams, he found his college life to be rather lonely. Feeling distraught, he wanders around a local shrine to make an offering. His wish is a simple one:

“I want to have someone to spend Christmas with this year.”

Shortly after making that wish, he meets three girls, all with unusual quirks. All of them want to spend time with him in the days leading up to Christmas, leaving Koji with quite the dilemma. Who should he spend Christmas with this year?

MangaGamer Sakura Santa

The second title, Sakura Dungeon, is heavily focused on gameplay and not just visual novel portions, unlike most of the prior Sakura games. Sakura Dungeon will have an all-ages Steam version and an adult version, which will be published directly on MangaGamer’s platform.

Sakura Dungeon will tell the tale of a Knight and Foxgirl as they work together to clear a dungeon full of monsters, featuring a combat system packed full of skills, strategy, and cute monster girls to recruit into your party. Sakura Dungeon is currently estimated for a Quarter 1 2016 release.

LewdGamer is curious how this new business venture will work out for both of the companies. We sincerely hope that the fruits of the partnership will be delicious ones. Preferably huge melons.

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  • I can’t say I’m all that excited. The only appeal the Sakura games even have at this point is their art is outstanding and even that feels criminally wasted.

  • Herp

    Yeah this seems pretty questionable to me. Winged Cloud needs a higher standard of quality. Their little quantity game doesn’t impress anyone. Of course if MG could offer them some direction that would be great but… yeah I doubt that.

  • Testy

    Their games are fine as it is, just overpriced. Wait for a sale and get it for 5 dollars or less. Its nice to see them still in business, hopefully they don’t cave in to external pressure.

    • Nin

      The only real proplem I have with them is that they don’t talk to anyone outside of their patreon which you have to pay for. Their twitter and tumblr are both silent. Oh, and Sakura Fantasy 2 never; the first was surpisingly enjoyable yuri.

      What I find interesting is that MG bothered to edit Sakura Swim Club. Maybe one day, they’ll make a really good nukige. Or perhaps even a kamige as even Alice Soft had humble beginnings. But I’m getting way too ahead of myself.

      • Testy

        The 18+ patch was release around Sept, so unless the talks were going on for a while I wouldn’t say MG had anything to do with that patch for Sakura Swim Club. I don’t share the same concerns since I don’t follow adult game makers anyways, and I’m not that big into yuri. I wouldn’t say Winged Cloud is a great dev, so they probably won’t make any type of kamige, but they do make entertainment that are enjoyable now and then.

        • Nin

          Ah, I meant the MG release of Sakura Swim Club on their website. It has a more polished script according to Mangagamer.

      • From my one time encounter with them they seem to believe twitter/tumblr/the website play no useful part for them and take to much time away from other important things to handle. I had this brief chat with them somewhere inbetween the Sekai/Mg transition. Where I talked about the importance of communicating. Suffice to say the talks went badly and ended in some slander from them. I’ve helped various vn teams in marketing ways from titles like Cursed Sight(invertmouse),Icebound(Fastermind),planetarian(Sekai),Highschool Romance(Ajtilley) & Lupiesoft generally. If they do go forward like this I hope that they havn’t just passed the publicity mantle from sekai to mg it’d be nice if they appeared to be recognizable devs outside of patreon.

        • Nin

          Hmm, from their behavior and what you said, they are content with simply satisfying their sizable fanbase (if 12k per month on patreon is any indication), and don’t want to spend a lot of effort of increasing the fanbase, at least on social media.

          Which I can understand based on their reputation online. At best they are considered jokes (I myself am tempted to buy Sakura Santa as a joke gift for Christmas), and at worst, they are considered an embarrassment to the entire VN community (an exaggeration to say the least; DLSite has plenty of worse visual novels).

          I have a tiny bit more respect for them now they are actually releasing nukige rather than simply “Steam-friendly” lewd games, but even in the best circumstances, it’ll be years before they gain more respect. I’m somewhat hoping that Mangagamer can set those circumstances, since they seem invested in them.

          • Yea I guess we have a certain disconnect with the drama,opinions over the dlsite games I guess our Vn communities are relatively small in comparison but growing with each year. There are less big guys and what people like or think should be in a title vary. Since we’re dealing with a very vast international outlook there are so many opinions and strict culture is less of a impact.

  • Kelborne

    Sakura Dungeon sounds like my kind of jam. Huniepop is my favorite VN type game because it’s an actual game built around these interactions. Instead of me just sitting there looking at interchangeable waifus being embarrassed and crying at some generic, nondescript male protagonist.