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Fallout 4 nude mod creators haven’t slowed down one bit ever since our last material coverage. Modders have been continuously improving their own and others’ creations and it clearly shows.

With the Fallout 4 modding tools nowhere to be seen, the talented modders have been burning the midnight oil to create the most alluring and interesting textures for the current default in-game models. What we are going to be looking at today aren’t all nude mods, but other texture swaps that will without a doubt enrich your Fallout 4 copy’s eroticism levels.

Our first mod today comes from DeviantArt user Art-Of-The-Body and adds a nude body texture for the default female model, with the inclusions of black laced stockings. Other than the player character model, the mod also works with the settler, caravan guard, merchant and scavenger NPCs. The download and installation instructions can be found on Art-Of-The-Body’s DeviantArt page. Check out how the mod looks like in the screenshot compilation image below.

Moving on is the SO NUDE mod made by Vergil, the popular nude modder of lustful illumination. This high-resolution texture nude mod swaps the default female player character texture with Vergil’s own creation. The thing to note about SO NUDE is how full and plump the PC’s buttocks look. Truly, this is an addition you would definitely want to zoom on while playing the game. The SO NUDE mod is now available at the nexusmods page together with the installation instructions.

The next mod on the list is called NUCLEAR Nude and was created by nexusmods user zentience, whose NUKE FLOWER HAZARD mod we already had the pleasure of covering last week. NUCLEAR Nude improves on zentience’s previous work in spades, giving you the most realistic wasteland wandering experience possible. The mod itself replaces the default female model skin with a more rough and gruff one showcasing dirt, sweat, scratches and various cuts all over the body. After all, there is no feasible way you wouldn’t get dirty exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape. The mod comes in four variants: Dirty, Clean, Shaved and Bushy, with varying levels of dirt and scratches on the model and the amount of hair in intimate areas. There is also a possibility of using an optional set of files contained within the mod to have the in-game female Raider enemies use the NUCLEAR Dirty skin. As with the previous mod, NUCLEAR nude can be found on the nexusmods page, and you won’t have to look far for installation instructions either.

SkyCode’s Glorious Nude FeMales mod boasts the highest quality textures, with superb detail under any lighting conditions with no visible seams. The female model textures for this mod come in several variants, such as smaller areolas, musculature covered in shiny sweat, and more. The Glorious Nude FeMales mod can be found on SkyCode’s nexusmods page together with easy installation instructions.

Fans of manservice shouldn’t be disappointed with the next mod on the list, Man Fur, which was created by nexusmods user Nathan. As you may have already guessed from the mod’s name alone, Man Fur adds quite a bit of bushy bear hair to the already pretty muscular default male player model. The mod can be found on Nathan’s mod page with the usual installation tips.

The last two mods on our radar share a similar theme; a character theme, that is. If you are a fan of Shädbase’s work, you should be familiar with their Vault Meat character: a female vault dweller with plenty of clothing malfunctions and an undying desire for radioactive cock. Vault Meat has made her way into two Fallout 4 mods already, with one replacing all available in-game portraits with art of Vault Meat, while the other replaces the default Pip-Boy background. Shädbase enthusiasts should have all they ever need to decorate their settlements and view some nice eye-candy while sorting their inventories.

Fallout 4 nude mods have come a long way in such a short amount of time, and yet this is still just the beginning. Once the eventual release of the modding tools finally comes to pass, the real party can begin. We can’t wait!

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