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Switch’s New Game "Venture Seas" Details Revealed

Switch, the developer of Euphorian Tide is developing a new game called Venture Seas set in the same universe. It finally has a name and the outline of the project is on her personal blog.

Venture Seas entails a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and best of all—plenty of erotic visual content. Outlined on February 9 are further details about the game.

Players will need to work to keep their vessel functional. Hiring adventurers, finishing quests and errands as well as managing a prostitution ring to help expand your shipping business. Players will be required to brave the ocean channels between the islands of Miloria to sell your stock, managing your ship morale and resources. Switch is putting a lot of time and effort into making the gameplay systems fun and fulfilling, regardless of the adult content.

The story of Venture Seas will be driven largely by player decisions. Each conversation and cutscene will be presented in a classic visual novel format. Your reputation will be affected by choices and actions made. These actions govern a “graph” ranging from attraction to disgust on axis, while respect and disrespect is another. This allows for friendships to be formed, as opposed to sexual relationships. If a character starts to dislike you, disgust becomes a factor as well.

Hiring adventurers for Dungeons, the player can passively control them in confrontations of a preset number of semi-scripted encounters. The success of these challenges depends upon the equipment, skills, player decisions and puzzle solving ability.

The combat system borrows mechanical ideas from games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, but in a far more simplified capacity. Rather than card battling, the player utilises actions for adventurers during combat. You can build a deck of actions prior to combat and randomly draw a hand when combat starts.

Switch’s Patreon is open for funding of the game prototype, which contains the gameplay systems and a story introduction. If a milestone is reached with the barebones of the system are added, she plans to gauge the reception of Venture Seas and decide to develop the entire experience or not, depending on public interest. Switch has also put together this handy compendium of the game’s systems for those interested in all the nitty gritty.

For those who are willing to help her create this visual novel they can donate to her Patreon page, and finance yet another high-quality adult game from Switch.

Venture Seas is looking to be a different flavour in terms of erotic games. It’s nice to see something new and unique being tested.

LewdGamer will check back periodically and apprise readers of the situation. Fingers crossed, this looks fantastic.

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