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Fallout 4 Nude Mods Get Even Better

With the initial batch of Fallout 4 nude mods out of the way, over the past week dedicated modders have been creating even higher quality ones.

We can safely imagine that the first week of Fallout 4  erotic mods was not to everyone’s liking, as they were quite on the simple side of things. To compensate for that, this week we will be taking a look at four Fallout 4 nude mods that have caught our attention, due to either high production quality or general lewdness.

Starting off the spotlight is another simple mod that adds a lot for lovers of male nipples. The “Improved Male Chest” mod created by hereandback27 improves male nipples to look more natural and appealing to the eyes. This particular mod uses an altered version of a preexisting Fallout: New Vegas male body texture. For installation instructions and a download link, head over to nexusmods’ Improved Male Chest page, and remember to check out some comparison screenshots if you’re unconvinced.

Isn’t that a lot better? Now the nipples don’t look like they were drawn with a magic marker.

For those that still prefer to traverse the radioactive wasteland only in their undies, there is the “Nuke Flower Hazard Female Skin” mod by zentience. The mod contains three themed base skins for the female player models called NUKE, FLOWER and HAZARD. With the addition of more dirt, grit, scratch marks and torn cloth pieces, this colorful mod meshes well with the Fallout 4’s “daily fashion”.  As a bonus, the mod includes a few optional files to make the female char’s hand dirty and replace the base model for the female Raider with the NUKE, FLOWER and HAZARD variant. Once you are done mass murdering the female Raiders and literally stripping them of all valuables, you will no longer have to look at their boring gray underwear. Check out the mod’s nexusmods page for a DL link and installation instructions.

The next mod, “Simple Natural Textures” by Justice, will surely appeal to fans of finely toned and supple female bodies. This nude mod replaces the body and face textures of the current player and Raider female models with smoother and cleaner ones. A plump butt, supple breasts, and a bare realistic vagina are just few of the highlights of this texture replacement. You can find the mod and instructions on how to install it here. As always, there are comparison screens one scroll away.

The last mod for today is similar to the previous one, in the way it tries to bring out the best look in the female character model. The “Glorious Female Nude Mod” by BlackFire, in addition to fine-tuning the female bare skin, nipple and tone textures, gives the player several options for pubic hair. The mod can be found here with tips on how to install it. Once again, screens showing off this mod are available below.

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