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Sourjelly Has Made a New Adult Action Game, Anthophobia

Anthophobia is an adult side scrolling action game by Sourjelly, set in a post-apocalyptic world where plants have taken over. Similar to Parasite in City, the player takes control of a female human trying to escape the horde.

The classic side-scroller is a staple of video games. This type of game pops up into the adult market now and again, rolling gameplay and porn into the same package. It can work really well, hitting that sweet spot where players will enjoy the time spent getting to any hot scenes. Parasite in City was one of these titles, and is functionally quite similar to anyone interested in Anthophobia.

Anthophobia begins with a short scene, detailing the tragic destruction of humanity. The world was overrun by a sentient form of plant, wiping out all in its path to become the dominant species. Our unnamed heroine needs to find new shelter for the approaching spring before she finds herself ensnared by the enemy. Unfortunately for her, the plant life doesn’t treat males and females the same way, opting to breed with any girls they come across, whilst simply dispatching the men. You’ll need to avoid this fate (or not!) if you want to survive, but with so many areas overrun, it’s a feat easier said than done. As you progress, you’ll find out more about what happened and why.

Anthophobia was made in Game Maker, a robust little engine for newcomers and experienced developers alike. The game controls very similarly to other titles in the genre, with players progressing in one of 2 directions. Players can walk, run, jump, and navigate the terrain in this 2D space, all while fending off enemies. The controls are quite involved, allowing players to interact with the world and use a variety of weapons. Molotov cocktails will come in handy when dealing with rogue plants, and using a glowstick will attract certain enemies who seek the light. You can also use a gamepad if you want to, which is a rare, but great addition to a game like this.

As with a lot of action-orientated hentai games, damage is represented in a special way. Alongside the typical health bar, players will lose clothing with each consecutive hit. Once a player’s clothes are gone, they are more vulnerable to enemies – but it’s not all over yet. It seems to take a while before enemies will take full advantage of your situation; enemies will continue to whittle down your health until you can’t fight any longer. At this point, the enemy will start to take you for his own. You’ve got one chance to fight back and struggle with the arrow keys, but if you fail it’s game over. Each game over has its own special scene, which gives you a look at how our heroine will enjoy her life from now on.

The game is currently available on Kimochi for $13.50, a small adult games service similar to Steam . If you do plan to get it from there, you’ll need to download the Kimochi platform from the website. You can also check out the developer’s Patreon page , where a one-off $10 pledge will also get you the game. Both the Patreon funded version and the one on Kimochi are uncensored, though it doesn’t seem like there is a censored version available through their home page. If you are interested in Anthophobia, there’s only one suggestion I would make – turn off the lighting effect. The game is extremely dark and can be quite a struggle to see even with the lighting effect off, so give yourself the best chance possible. There’s a demo available too, which you can find here, so give it a shot if you’re into freaky monster sex.

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