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Monster Girl Island Demo Is Released, Developer Answers Paramount Questions

Independent dev Redamz has finally released a demo version of his pet eroge production Monster Girl Island along with a plethora development information.

The developer known only as Redamz has been busy priming the demo release of Monster Girl Island for the past month and also answering a ton of game development questions. During this busy period, he also previewed a simple foreplay fondling mechanic and a couple of various expressions the monster girls will have in the demo.

We have compiled listed some of the more interesting questions, and answers Redamz has received on his development blog for your reading pleasure.

Can you give some insight into the process behind the development of your characters?

There’s countless ways of creating a character. Even I don’t follow the same guidelines every time.

If you want the general steps I often use though:

-Think the general idea of the character (Personality, style, in my case type of monster girl)

-Gather as much reference as you can of the style of your character (ie: gothic lolita, businessman, dragon)

-Analyze the references and then discard them.

-Start drawing the face, possibly the most important part of a character. Lots of trial and error until you are satisfied.

-Once you are looking at your character at the face fleshing out it’s personality and developing secondary traits is much easier. Adapt the face as needed

-Design the rest of the character. Body type, clothes, etc. (Everything so far should be rough sketches)

– Once you are satisfied start making the final design of your character. (If you are gonna make a 3d model a neutral pose would help)

-Slap your character into your 3d modeling software and make the 3d model on top of it


Do you have any idea of the price when it fully comes out?

I have no idea.

I was thinking about alternative options like making the game free and charge for extra girls or make a free, kid friendly version for steam and charge for lewd.

If I end up selling it I don’t intend to charge that much though.

I would love to make it free, but I can only survive on air for so long.  ☹

Do you plan on having some form of customization, even just basic like changing the player’s skin tone? Is it entirely open or do we have sections or load interiors separate from the world? How exactly do we interact with the girls, is it like objective base errands to gain entry between their legs or do we bond with them more in depth and go on actual dates? Do we edit anything like a player home/room or something? Is it just go around, bond, and bang monster girls or do you have more planned?

Changing the skin color of the player (or even the model) and the hair color of the girls is already planned, but it’s not a huge priority at the moment. Even changing hairstyles could be a possibility, but that’s for much later into development, possibly after all girls are done.

The game is divided in areas, even in the open (makes everything easier and more manageable). And yes, there’s interiors too.

There’s gonna be scripted sex scenes in the story, but if you want to do it anytime you are gonna have to make that specific girl like you first. As for how you are gonna make the girls fall for you, well I accept suggestions!. But bear in mind that I’m not gonna star working on the sandbox elements until I have the “town” area ready. When is the town area gonna be ready?. I’m gonna start making it after I finish the first demo (I wanna make some more girls first though).

Player home customization should be easy to implement once I have a decent number of assets, but again, don’t expect all those features too soon.

The game has a story, the first few days are scripted, after that the idea is that you can keep progressing or do random stuff. The first demo is gonna feature one of those early, scripted days, so don’t expect anything sandbox yet.

What are your plans for sounds/voice acting?

Hopefully some fundrising eventually. I mean, I wish I could voice the girls (not really) but…

Will there be third person viewing or entirely first person?

The gameplay is entirely in first person. If you are talking about the sex scenes, I’ll add 3rd person mode for the non-story ones, along with pose selector and stuff like that.

Will the slime girl be slightly transparent in the final version? You have my full support!


She is already transparent, it’s just very subtle, I can make her more transparent if it’s hard to notice, but it looks kinda cheap if it’s too transparent.

Actually, I have toyed a lot with slime girl shader, I even tried some animated fluid material, sadly nothing seemed to fit with the style of the game, so I just made her more shiny and reflective than everyone else.

Why not work in a futanari MC, that uses the same sex animations than the male but with the minimum adjustments?

Futa, like furry, is too polarizing. Sadly, pleasing everyone is not possible, so I decided to keep those two elements outside of the core game.

As for skins for the playable character, like you are suggesting, it’s possible.

I’d rather not spend too much time making too many extra skins though. I’d rather just add more girls to the game.

And honestly I don’t know why people care so much about the playable character, you are hardly ever gonna see it’s model.

Are you planning to add threesome MFF to the system? 

Yeah, expect some twin action even. Don’t expect the option for every girl though. Some of them are more jealous than others.

How do you make these models? I know you use unity but how do you create it? where did you learn on creating models similar to the game your making for monster girl island? 

I make them in blender.

I just draw a reference image and model on top of it, then I draw the texture and it’s done. There’s nothing special about it.

I’d say the texture is the most important part. There’s a lot of fine detail so the model looks good from every angle, but even a bad model with bad topology should look ok with proper texturing.

Here’s a model with no shading and the reference image I used.

Are you working alone? Or do you have a team working behind the scene?

I work alone. Mostly because I’m a masochist I get bored easily, so it’s nice to go back and forth between art and code.

If you would like to read more of Redamz’s answers, just be sure to head onto his website. The first demo of Monster Girl Island , available for PC, Mac and Linux systems, can be downloaded here. Additionally, the Monster Girl Island project can now also be found on Patreon. Everyone donating to Patreon can take part in a voting system, which will determine what kind of monster girls will be continuously added to the project.

Be sure to have plenty of fun and remember to tell the slime girl what kind of breast size you prefer.

Be sure to check out our previous articles on Monster Girl Island to learn more about the game and its development progress. The next playable demo is expected to come out in 2-3 months time.

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