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Yandere Simulator Revamps the School and Adds Heroes

YandereDev has had a bit more time to add a few exciting new elements to his psycho schoolgirl game, Yandere Simulator. The November 15th update revamps the school and adds a couple of new interesting features.

Since the last November 2nd update, YandereDev has been hard at work revamping Yandere-chan’s school campus. Just as he promised, the new and improved Yandere Simulator school is twice as big as the one from the previous builds. The new school has over 54 rooms, including a locker room, a dining area, a headmaster’s office, 6 storage rooms, 6 classrooms, 9 clubrooms (a new kind of room promised last update), 12 bathrooms and 18 other miscellaneous rooms. At this moment, only around 10 of those areas are furnished and function accordingly. The school grounds have also been increased in size and now features a huge running track. Overall, the school has acquired a modern look resembling the school gym YandereDev finished working on beforehand.

The other new intertwined features of this version are the new personality type “Heroic” and a “Struggle” minigame. Some students will now be inclined to act in a heroic manner when they see Yandere-chan commit murder, rushing her and trying to pin her to the ground. If Yandere-chan is holding a weapon at the time she is rushed by a hero student, the struggle minigame between her and the student will commence. During it, the player’s goal will be to react to button prompts and overpower the attacking student. If the player succeeds, the attacker will die and if the player loses the struggle, they will be put in a hold on the ground resulting in a game over. Yandere-chan will also be forced to the ground automatically if she is attacked by a heroic student when she’s not carrying any weapon in her hand.

Additionally, every student in the game now has a strength stat that will affect the difficulty of the struggle minigame. Every pupil that has a strength number higher than Yandere-chan will be harder to beat during the minigame. Fortunately, by investing study points into physical education, this can be counteracted.

The last notable change to the new build is the inclusion of ten new students to the game, some of which may be familiar to some of you, while others are completely brand new.

At the end of the new update video, which you can view below, the developer has also teased a few features that he would like players to discover by themselves. Get your detective panties on, because you might discover some new hidden truths about Yandere Simulator if you dig deep enough.

To download the latest build of Yandere Simulator, all you need to do is visit the developer’s official blog . If you’d like to learn more about any minor features that have been added to the latest version of the game, check out YandereDev’s latest blog post. The next build of the game is expected to come out on December 1st.

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