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An Interesting New Game is About to Hit Steam - Cinderella Escape!

Cinderella Escape!, developed and published by Hajime Doujin Circle, is due to hit digital shelves soon. The game takes a new perspective on the fairy tale of old, combining the tale of Cinderella with bondage and puzzles.

Cinderella Escape! has been popping up on different areas of the web this week. Most people seem to be in disbelief, but here at LewdGamer, we’re shocked by nothing. The game crept up on most of us, appearing on Steam earlier this month. Cinderella Escape! was created by Hajime Doujin Circle, an indie developer that’s fairly new to the game. From the looks of things, they have made only one title previously, Huuma Mina. Their games are generally in an anime style, and have both been aimed at an adult market.

Cinderella Escape! is a 3D puzzle game with some mild platforming mechanics. Players will take control of Cinderella, an unhappy young woman who is held against her will. Her tale wasn’t always so sad, however, as she began her journey as a guest to the castle. The king, seeking a bride for his son and heir, invited many people from all over the lands to come and prove their worth. The fates were not to be with Cinderella though, as in a cruel twist, the prince killed his own father – placing the blame on Cinderella. Locked up in the depths of the castle, Cinderella now awaits an unknown future. Can you help her escape her predicament? Will you have the power to beat the odds? Will I stop being dramatic? Yes. Now, let’s move on.

The game has a few different mechanics at play. Each level is laid out as a series of areas the player must traverse, full to the brim with potential death traps. Spikes, pits and so on block your path and must be traversed to reach safety. Cinderella is handcuffed, so her movement is limited, but she has some actions at her disposal. Players can push and break blocks, as well as jump to clear obstacles; however, some actions are a finite resource, and players will need to use power-ups in order to perform them. Breaking blocks uses up 1 red heel, while jumping costs 1 blue heel. Pushing doesn’t seem to cost anything to perform, at least not so far. Because of this, the game functions similarly to others in the puzzle genre, allowing players only a set number of moves to complete their tasks. Of course, level structure like this can often be beaten in less moves than are given, but it does add a certain tension to the experience.

The biggest, and likely most notable part of this game, is that it was made as an R-18 title. The Steam version (as always) isn’t however, so players who do want that little bit extra will need to head to DLsite, where it’s been available since October 9th. It isn’t clear how much Steam users will miss out on, but judging by the two versions, it seems it’s quite substantial. The game is rated “Teen” on Steam, so take what’s said here and dial it back. Cinderella Escape! has quite a lot of bondage going on, up to and including torture. There are a variety of S&M devices, such as a wooden horse, restraints, gallows, an electric chair – and that’s just what we can see so far. Most of these feature a tied up Cinderella, and it seems like she’s likely to spend the whole game in at least some bondage situations. Cinderella also has quite a few outfits for players to enjoy, most notably a bunny girl costume. For fans of puzzles, BDSM and long eared ladies, Cinderella Escape! is proof that you’re being looked out for. Cinderella also has quite the jiggly chest, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Cinderella Escape! on Steam is due out on November 16th which, depending on your timezone, is one or two days from now as of writing. There doesn’t seem to be any pricing information just yet for the Steam release, but it currently sells for $13.21 on DLSite. The game doesn’t take too much to run, so even a toaster should suffice. The graphics recommendation suggests a card from 2004, so any modern system will be able to handle it. There will be partial controller support and achievements, so Steam integration has been considered. Waifu Hunter recommends the title, which is likely to be held in high regard for its female protagonist. You can check out the demo for yourself on Steam  or on DLSite for the more adult version.

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