Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Another promising Japanese title has been deemed ready for the general public yet again. This time it involves a certain Japanese visual novel called The Fruit of Grisaia by Front Wing. A quality translation of this title can be expected in its impending release on Steam.

The game’s premise mainly revolves around our male protagonist, Yūji Kazami and his prospective romantic encounters with five heroines at an exclusive school named Mihama Academy. Yūji Kazami is an infamous hitman that used to work for the government, but became tired and disillusioned with his profession. A desire to live his life as a student is all he wishes for, and his interactions with the female students open up several plotlines and alternative endings. The Fruit of Grisaia is only the first game in the series, but there are plans on the horizon to translate and release both its sequels as well.  The lewd content that used to be portrayed in this title will be added at a later date and can be expected in a future patch. LewdGamer will cover all news on this title and more details on its lewd factor can be expected in due time. Nonetheless, we managed to stumble on some pictures, to keep you waiting in anticipation.

[UPDATE] The 18+ digital Unrated version of The Fruit of Grisaia is now available on Denpasoft’s store page for $39.99. All of the game’s erotic content has been restored, however, the sex scenes still have mosaic censoring. This version also does not contain any additional CGs available in the in the PlayStation Vita port. [/UPDATE].


The clean version of The Fruit of Grisaia will be released on May 29th on Steam, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more news.

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