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Legend of Queen Opala: Origin - Updates

Recent updates on Legend of Queen of Opala Origin have many gamers watching in anticipation. These updates provide some insight into the core mechanics this game will utilize, and some teasing is to be expected. The developer Gabework, has decided to rely more on feedback from the gamers perspective, regarding the game’s content. This feedback is mostly evident in the amount of polls issued on the blog. Few developers try to involve gamers in the development process, and this clear choice of getting the fan’s perspective is a welcome sight in the industry. The polls even bordered on the comedic side, as players had the option to decide the protagonist’s dick size in an earlier poll.

The first update involves a new job class system that contains eight different jobs that will give you certain titles for completing tasks. Examples of these tasks are killing monsters, opening treasure chests and even the possibility of ordering a female character to expose her boobs in public.

The alignment system returns as well, though it has been subjected to a minor overhaul. Alignment never impacted the game’s experience in a meaningful way in past games, as it was only reserved for some alternate dialogue interaction. Legend Of Queen Opala Origin will contain more of these interactions and characters will behave differently depending on your alignment at the time.

Interaction through mini-games will increase substantially as well, and the addition of gambling  will contain satisfactory rewards. Players can play a game that resembles Liar’s Dice with money or they can bet trading cards in their possession. Trading cards can be viewed as additional lewd content and players can put that on the line for a certain reward. The reward is a new card that will be added to their collection, should they win.

The world and characters affected by quests remain a huge focus and will receive more refinement in representation. Early screenshots of the sprites and the characters show more emphasis on detail and some combat sprites look great. This refinement and attention to detail are also evident in protagonist customization, as the possibility to change race has finally been implemented. Players will be able to choose from a variety of species including Wolfman, Bullman, Horseman and regular human. Suffice to say, we can expect future scenes will include furry and non-furry content combined in equal measure. Past “Opala” titles have always sought to strike a balance between these two and this title seems no different.

This big increase in quality is a pleasant surprise and shows promise for future adult content that will be implemented in the game. We will keep a close eye on this title and keep you up to date for more prospective news.

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