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First Batch of Fallout 4 Lewd Mods Descends

In an unsurprising turn of events, the first sexual Fallout 4 mods have already appeared online. Even if they are a bit on the simple side of things, they are a good sign of things to come.

The Fallout 4 modding tools aren’t even out yet, but modders have already begun working on improving virtually every aspect of the game. That, of course, also means making it lewder. Travelling the radioactive ruins of Boston can now be an even more exciting venture with the “Transparent Bra” and the appropriately named “Immersive Attire Fix” mods. There is also one other nude complete nude mod thrown in as a bonus!

The Transparent Bra mod , authored by nexusmods user Jawse, is a simple texture replacing modification that allows the player to see through the default female bra. A very straightforward mod, but also one that comes with one big drawback: the “Transparent Bra” mod is not compatible with other body textures or underwear swapping mods. Be sure to revert all the changes done while installing this mod before you decide to install new ones with a similar function. The mod can be found directly on the nexusmods page along with how to apply it to your copy of the game. If you’re not convinced, you can check out how the mod presents itself on females of varying skin tones below.

The modification we’ll be covering today is the “Immersive Attire Fix” (by Ceo), which is another simple texture replacement mod. The modification does, however, make up for its simplicity with style and underwear design. You can say goodbye to those smelly old gray underwear you wouldn’t want to be caught fighting Deathclaws in. Say “Hello!” to fashionable and sexy undergarments that you could easily imagine Final Fantasy XV’s Cid wearing. There are several color and pattern variants for your underwear you can choose in this one. Remember that you can only have one of them at the time, so pick your poison wisely. As with the “Transparent Bra” mod, it can be found on the nexusmods website along with the installation instructions. Screenshots of the panty and bra extravaganza can be found below.

Lastly, the “nude texture for female player alpha” (by sucubus2049) mod does exactly what it promises: it switches the female underwear texture with a fully nude one. The mod and instructions on how to install it can once again be found on nexusmods. Just like the previous two mods, just keep on scrolling for some some exposed booty.

Texture replacing mods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fallout 4 modding. Bethesda games have always drawn in a huge crowd of modders, and we don’t see the situation changing with the latest installment of  the Fallout series. The modding tools for the game should be out shortly, and then the real fun will come knocking at the Lewd Vault doors. Trust us, we’re looking forward to getting exposed to some sexy “radiation”!

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