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Preview: Succubus Heaven

The Dark Souls of Porn Games?

If you’ve loitered on the Internet long enough after the release of From Software’s hit action RPG Dark Souls, it’s likely you’ve heard someone say that “This game is the Dark Souls of (game genre)!” Succubus Heaven, our subject of the day, is just aching to be called “the Dark Souls of hentai games”, but does it really qualify for that moniker?

Succubus Heaven is an indie game project by small Japanese studio going by the name of Chaos Gate. Their prior claim to fame, if you can even call it that, was the 3D and fully animated erotic RPG Succubus Nests. Departing completely from the formula of their first title, the devs decided to travel down a more ambitious route and create an action game that mimics several gameplay and aesthetic elements of the aforementioned Dark Souls franchise.

The development of Succubus Heaven dates as far back as late 2013, and the progress on the title has been meticulously updated on Chaos Gate’s blog. After a continuous 2-year development, the title finally received an alpha version in on the 3rd of October of this year. Disappointingly, this build isn’t very rich in content or features, but on the brighter side of things, it also gives a good sneak peek of future goodies to come.

Succubus Heaven 01

Dark Souls fans should instantly recognize the familiar GUI scheme

Along with a very standard set of audio-visual options, the only other available mode in this build of Succubus Heaven is the “Challenge Mode.” The player can control a party of two heroines, which they can freely switch between using the mouse scroll button, as they traverse several randomly generated floors with enemies. Anyone even vaguely familiar with Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls or even Bloodborne will instantly recognize the familiar user interface and the dank and dark castle interior all around the two girls. At this point, I could boldly proclaim that this and the four active item system are the only real similarities this title currently has with any of the previously mentioned titles. Then again, this is still a very early alpha build, and I will reserve my final judgment for the time the full version actually comes out.

Since I’m done finding parallels between this indie title and triple-A productions, let’s talk about how the game plays and what’s most important to LewdGamer: Does it get you hot and bothered? While exploring the interiors of the castle, our heroines will encounter rooms with monsters (currently just ghouls) to dispatch using a simple, rather free-flowing combat system you’d find in most action games. There isn’t much you can use to clobber your enemies with. One of the girls starts off with the Dragonslayer sword, which can be set on fire by holding down LMB, granting it more attack power and enabling fire slashes by holding down LMB again and then releasing it. The mace is the default weapon of the second girl, and unlike the Dragonslayer, doesn’t have any special uses outside of bashing chests with weapons and items open. Hitting enemies, chests and using Dragonslayer’s fire slash will use up the weapon’s durability points, so be sure treat your resources with respect. You don’t want to find yourself fighting hoards of ghouls with just your bare fists and feet, after all. Or maybe you do, and seeing girls in trouble is your secret fetish? Don’t worry, whether that’s your kink or not, I’m not going to be judging you.

Speaking of chests, you won’t find DS biggums in Succubus Heaven, at least not yet, but what’s inside the chests is more than worthy of plundering. You can open them by either using a special magic stone, the icon of which looks suspiciously like a giant cookie/Japanese melon bread, or by cracking it open with a weapon. The chests drop everything from healing potions to the same aforementioned magic stones, and the two weapons I’ve described before.

Succubus Heaven 02

Catching several enemies in a long combo can feel really satisfying

Of course, productions like Succubus Heaven don’t just exist to scratch your action game itch: they exist to make you “scratch” your nether regions repeatedly. The erotic content in Chaos Gate’s second title is really well integrated into the combat. The girls will see their uniforms get torn up as they receive more hits from the enemies, and will eventually lose all of their clothing, exposing the goods for everyone’s enjoyment. If your undergarments do happen to get completely destroyed, you can regain them by touching an obelisk-like pillar on the randomly generated floors.

Succubus Heaven 04

The destruction of clothes and groping are not the only lewd elements Succubus Heaven provides to the player, as the girls getting their clothes torn to shreds is just the prologue to the requiem of rape to follow. When a girl’s clothes get completely obliterated and leave her in just her bathing suit, this gives the monsters an opportunity to knock her down and commence the good old-fashioned statutory offense. Ghouls will also occasionally surround the girls to grab and shove their decomposing tongues down the heroine’s throats. Again, as the alpha lacks in content, the only sex position available is the piledriver. For the time being, the other ghouls have to be satisfied with masturbating while watching one of their ilk have all the fun. It’s possible to break free from the rape by mashing the left mouse button, but for every subsequent time you engage in a sex scene, freeing yourself becomes more and more difficult.

The HP/stamina bar just below the portraits of the girls serves as an indicator or how much damage the girls can take before being susceptible to zombie rape. Once the stamina bar fills up and you get into a sex encounter with an enemy, it will gradually start to decrease as the perpetrator keeps coming inside of you. If you don’t manage to break free before the bar depletes completely, your character will faint. Once all of your characters have passed out, the game is over. One last important and neat thing to note about Succubus Heaven’s erotic content is that cum will continuously drip down the girls’ legs after the ghouls are done with them. This might seem like a really small touch, but it’s the little things that sometimes add to a fully fleshed-out experience.

Succubus Heaven 03

Having played through this version of the alpha, I can safely conclude that Succubus Heaven has all the right moxie to grow into something that will make it stand out among hentai games. The game is visually appealing, and the animations provide a smooth feel to both the combat and sex scenes. The core of the gameplay is already there, and right now, all it needs is a lot more variety in the items, enemies, and layouts. If the Chaos Gate developers continue to take it down this path, we may see this game setting a brand new standard for what 3D hentai titles can be in the future.

Succubus Heaven’s alpha version can be downloaded for free from the game’s Autumn Festival page. Be sure to navigate to the part of the page that says ダウンロード to find the download links, and keep in mind that the archive is protected with the password “Haven.” Many good tidings and zombie rape for everyone!

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  • yobobo

    It looks alright, but seeing the typical, bland school girls fighting so they don’t get raped by a typical ugly monster is a turn off. It’s the main reason why I just prefer regular action games with titillating and lewd outfits.

    Also the whole “Sex is punishment for playing badly” just sucks. Like, what was the point in the first place if the point is to fail?

    • BeholdMyPower

      Gotta agree there. I personally find with these sorts of games that I’ll just stand there and get beat on just to see what the sex animations are like, before promptly turning off the game because the combat/platforming/general play are plain bad. The implementation of the mechanic is just weird; you’re aware it’s there but in order to progress the game you have to do everything you can to avoid using it. As you say, what’s the point?

  • Nezumi

    I can see some potential here. There’s mods for Skyrim and Fallout that do similar things, it might be interesting to see the ideas expanded upon in the future.

  • anon9370

    I’m very interested in seeing how this turns out. “Prepare to get raped.” Has a nice ring to it. Seems Dark Souls / eroge would be a match made in heaven (or hell).

  • Obsequious Gizmo

    Meh, i can see some similarities, but the combat is not as satisfying as in dark souls. This is fine because most people who play eroge aren’t necessarily playing it for the explicit purpose of wanting to see a good story or gameplay. More or less they play it for the lascivious content. What is great about eroge is that they can have good elements of all three, instead of just one. This is just the alpha so there is more to come. Here’s to hoping that they make an amazing and sexy dark souls clone.

  • Chirolita Jhonson

    I agree with yobobo ¿Where went the game which made you cry blood for a porn prize like Divine Sealing or Side Pocket?
    Even games like Virgin Invader or Chronicles of Prey are easy to reach the main goal

  • strikezero01 .

    woah is this the creator of Yandere simulator?