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With the release of its second public demo, Future Fragments is shaping up to meet its extravagantly creative vision.

Created in GameMaker and inspired by Mega Man X and Metroid, Future Fragments is a 2D platformer, with writing by team leader Hentai Writer , beautiful spritework and animations by TriangulatePixels and programming by ChesireCat. The title stars a time traveling mage named Talia, sent to the future to carry out an assignment for her king. In the months since our previous coverage, the development team has worked hard to really improve the state of the game.

The audio aspect of the game has seen improvements, with each enemy and cut scene coming to life with new and delightful erotic sound effects. Other sound effects have also been changed, improving the experience of combat and platforming as a result. Future Fragments now features four cut scenes, each fully voice acted and meticulously animated to wonderful effect. New visuals include twenty fresh props, both static and animated, that help to liven up the environments.

Gameplay alterations include redesigns of several maps as well as the addition of two new maps. A new tutorial has been added to introduce the gameplay and options controls. Talia’s magic bolts have been changed to function more like shooting in the Metroid series, with unlimited light shots or the option to charge for a stronger attack. Level design and enemy placement seems to have been fine tuned to take into account Talia’s new mechanics, making each encounter a more tactical experience. Additionally, a boss battle has been added to serve as the end of the demo, with a challenging gimmick and a delicious cut scene dedicated to it.

Released on October 18th, Future Fragment‘s second playable demo is proving the title to be one to keep an eye out for, with tight platforming action and detailed sprites and animations. According to the development team, a C++ rebuild of the game is currently in the works. Anyone who is interested in giving this diamond in the rough a try can download it from this page  on the creator’s Tumblr. For those that like the game and are interested in supporting its development, consider donating to the team’s Patreon.

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