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Obscurasoft is Adding to the Manly Dating Sim Coming Out on Top

Obscurasoft, an adult indie developer, successfully funded their Kickstarter in 2013. The game they created, Coming Out on Top is a gay dating sim and visual novel aimed at anyone who enjoys the masculine form. The game is still being supported, and the developer has just announced some new content as of November 1st.

It’s been a good month for boy lovers. Firstly we got to cover an app all about extreme muscles , then shortly after a game all about the much beloved femboy ideal. There’s something here for everyone. This time we’ve got a game by Obscurasoft, which from the looks of things is one of their first games. It’s certainly their first gay themed game. The game in question is Coming Out on Top, a nod to several idioms that are prevalent in the gay community. In Coming Out on Top, you’ll play as a young, gay college student who finally decides to come out of the closet. On the fateful night of your big reveal, you meet a stranger who asks for your number. Things might not be as easy as all that though, as love rarely is, and before long things have gotten a bit hectic. The developer states that the game could easily be a “dating sim, a visual novel or an interactive story,” so there’s lots going on. Players will make choices and carve a path through the game; choose from a selection of handsome love interests, and watch as your decisions impact the outcome of the story.

Coming Out on Top was developed as a romantic comedy, interspaced with erotic undertones and raunchy imagery. Visual novels like this that manage to meet both an emotional and physical need tend to do very well, as a recent reviewer of ours would likely attest to. Creating a connection between the player and the characters is important for story driven titles, there’s a reason why we humans create bonds through sex. You’ll start out the game by choosing a name for yourself, and you will be given your student ID to reflect that. The university you attend, Orlin University (otters are cute), has been a bit of a roller coaster for you so far but you still feel like you’ve missed out on something. Of course, this is the point where you bite the bullet and come out. You’re introduced to your roommates, Penny and Ian, and the game kicks off. The introduction to the characters works well, and helps work in some backstory and the relationship that’s present between the three of you.

The game functions much as you would expect, allowing you to choose dialogue choices from the very beginning. There’s also a rewind mechanic, and by pressing Page Up and Page Down you can skip backwards and forwards through text you’ve read. Players can of course skip dialogue entirely, but with this type of game that’s usually reserved for subsequent playthroughs. The artwork is nice (Ian is a looker), and while it’s nothing you would expect to see hanging in a gallery, it works well. The comedic aspects are corny, but did give me a chuckle and it can be rather endearing. The games has its own music, that changes depending on your location and the tone. A drive to a gay club for example, has some electronica in the background to set the mood.

So far, the base game is complete. According to the most recent announcement, there will be more added at a later point, including the two new “Brofinder” dates announced on the 1st. There will be eight extra dates available in total, which the developer hopes to be releasing before the end of the year. These dates were voted on by players at Obscurasoft forums, and players will be able to download them all once complete or as they release. The game received a successful backing of $38,601, so it’s understandable that development would still be ongoing in order to add even more content. The game is currently on sale for $14.99 (usually $18.99), and comes with some extras.

Players who purchase now will get a bonus route with Amos, and the bonus “Brofinder” dates as and when they come. The game is just a straight download, and is compatible with Windows, Mac and PC. Players who are on the fence can check out a free demo , which will give you an idea of how the game is. According to Obscurasoft; you may not want to try it while your parents are around. For more information, you can check out the developer website which has everything you need to know about Coming Out on Top, and you’ll find a video in the heading of this page. You can also find them on Twitter. Will you come out on top? Or do you prefer the bottom? Time to find out.

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