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The sexy monster farming simulator Breeding Season has gone through a lot of content updates in the recent months. LewdGamer takes a quick look at all the new changes and additions.

Quite a bit of time has passed since we last looked at what the Breeding Season team has cooked up for its fans. Going back to mid-August of this year, we will take a look at all of the new content additions, revamps and more.

On August 15th, the official Breeding Season development blog was updated with a big sample of monster head variants that was added in the alpha build marked 6.5.

Some time later, on August 22nd, the 6.5 alpha build rolled in for Breeding Season’s Patreon supporters. This update was rather huge in scope adding new monster types, including, but not limited to, seraphs, mandrakes and fluffdragons.

The same update also added a new “Genderbent” trait to the available monsters. “Genderbent” is a trait applied to monsters that were born to a rare sex for their species; a good example for that would be a catboy being born to the race of the mostly female catgirls. Other updates for 6.5 include big art updates for dickwolves and minor ones for holstauruses and catgirls, an update to the fishing to make it more challenging and gameplay changes to the player’s stats. You can read the changelog with the new updates, sans bug/balance fixes and known issues, below this paragraph.

6.5 Patch Notes

Additions – New Patron-requested monster types have been added! Currently their individual mechanics/consumables and associated quests are not yet implemented. – Seraphs are updated and available in-game, and can be obtained by buying a Seraph Cage building upgrade for the Harpy Aviary (currently doesn’t require completing Marchioness quest for testing purposes) – Mandrakes are available in-game, and can be obtained by purchasing a Mandrake Hydroponicum from Levi – Fluffdragons can be obtained by using the debug code “addmontype.Fluffdragon” (no quotes), after which they will be purchasable in the store following a restock and will share the Dickwolf pens – New trait: Genderbent, monsters born with the Genderbent trait have a rare gender for their species – New Genderbent monsters, with idles: Catguys (Genderbent Catgirls), Titwolves (Genderbent Dickwolves), and Tauruses (Genderbent Holstauruses), with more to come later – Big art updates on existing monsters: Dickwolves have received a huge overhaul, Holstauruses and Catgirls have been given more minor visual updates/cleaned up – Additions have been made to the fishing system in order to introduce a bit more challenge (UI is placeholder) – New coloration system with significantly improved quality for the various monster color palettes (not all monsters and animations have been updated for this new system and so there may be inconsistencies) – Player stats now have more gameplay effects: Breeder’s STA increases the amount of energy he/she generates each day, in the future other stats will also be given such effects

Update 6.5.1 added new genderbent monsters: demoness (female demon) and mare (female stallion) without color and skin variations. New visuals have been included for the demon, stallion, male and female elves, and harpies also without color and skin variations. Two weeks later, Breeding Season received another minor 6.5.2 update, which added a new monster type called “swine”, and new a genderbent monster, the cockatiel. Just as the 6.5 patch notes were included above, here is the one for version 6.5.2.

6.5.2 Patch Notes

Additions – New monster type: Swine (color/skin variations not yet implemented), they can be obtained by purchasing an expansion to the Holstaurus Barn – New Genderbent monster: Cockatiel (skin variations not yet implemented) – New Color variations and skincolors: Harpies, Mares, Demons, Demonesses – You may now upgrade various farm buildings to their second tier, unlocking more slots to add expansions – You can now remove building expansions in order to make room for new ones

While the last two September blog updates did not yield new game versions, the devs have been constantly giving fans the heads up on new art additions and animations they have been working on. Here are some samples of special zombies for a Breeding Season Halloween event and some artwork of NPCs you can encounter at various places around the farm. One important addition the devs have teased in an upcoming update is a new system adding color patterns to the monsters on the farm.

The new coloring system allows to change color patterns on monsters

The zombie is the star of Breeding Season’s Halloween update

A few new monsters and monster redesigns have also been introduced

Breeding Season’s new NPCs are as varied as they are colorful

Moving onto October 2nd’s version 6.6 update, a new gameplay mechanic was added to Breeding Season involving monster breeding preferences. The new build will see monsters gain more happiness as they breed with their favorite monster types. All monsters will also be able to develop new preferences over time.

The other big thing about version 6.6 is the inclusion of NPCs, who all follow their set daily schedules and can be encountered around the farm on certain days and times. Once again, here is the full addition log for your reading pleasure.

6.6 Patch Notes

Additions – Added Preferences: monsters can now have preferences that give them more happiness when bred with certain monsters, and can develop new preferences over time (unfortunately, happiness events still waiting to be implemented) – NPCs now appear in the environments and follow schedules so you can talk to them on certain days (much of this is placeholder right now, may look/feel a little wonky) – Added new consumable effects for the Mandrake and Swine – Added Stallion and Seraph skin and color variations – Made some alterations to the Save Menu and Ranch Addon Menu, should be more intuitive/easier to use, and you can now delete saves

October 3rd’s update is an unusual one, as the developers stepped out from the shadows and introduced themselves to the fans while also answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Now then to some common questions-

“You’ve said the designs were done, why aren’t they in the game?”

A lot of time and work goes into taking a still image , cutting it up, adding variants, putting it together, animating it, adding color and skin variations – its a lengthy process that takes quite a while, saying that design is done is about 40% of the overall work done.

These are numbers for a single complete variant’s idle:

Concept Art Finalized Art 6 Face Variations 6 Hair Variations 4 Skin Colors 12 Color Palettes 3 Various monster icons for UI 5/10 Pen Silhouettes 1 Consumable interface icon Cut Up 1 part assembly Fixing parts to ensure they don’t break after testing the assembly 2 animation loops

“Why aren’t you putting out animations faster?”

At the moment we’re focusing on closing the gaps in the designs for all the monsters before we tackle their animations, as for the process, the average speed at which our art department can produce a quality animation is 2 per 8 days. An idle animation takes less of course but fixing it adds another two or three days depending on complexity of error. Not to mention if something breaks when implemented in the game.

“Why aren’t you hiring more people?”

Despite the numbers shown on Patreon, we are not exactly swimming in money. Its true that our income is still quite respectable , after tax reduction, fraudulent payments, declined credit cards and what have you, we’re left with way less than what the ridiculous numbers people calculate .

With that said, we are already planning on our team’s expansion in january , we’re trying to pick the best possible options for our team’s additions in order to maintain the quality of animations without having to have every new addition re-adjust to our process of work.

!ALSO!Thank you for reporting the bugs! We’re getting a patch out as soon as possible!

The next Alpha Build  6.6.1 , which is also the current version available to the public, did not add much to the game itself except a hotfix to help load saves. The update post itself, however, introduces the Breeding Season wikia page, which has been requested by the game’s fans for a long time. The wiki, as with most other wikis, is supposed to serve as a repository of knowledge about Breeding Season’s gameplay features, as well as a place where the developers can answer any frequently asked questions that have stacked up over time. While the wiki is currently in very early stages of development, the devs have also said that a proper Breeding Seasons webpage and forums are taking a long time to create. When both finally launch, the creators want them to be parts of a central hub for fans to discuss the game.

Before the last build numbered 6.6.6, the developers managed to update everyone on the progress with new monsters as well as showing off a new sex animation starring the breeder and zombie.

The current build available to Patrons, marked with the satanic 6.6.6, introduced quite a fair amount of content, with the main star being a unique Halloween quest, which can be initiated by visiting the town in October. The quest itself includes a puzzle, as well as a new sex scene to discover.

The other revamps and content updates in this version include: new/reworked neoteny monster variants: kittengirl, kittenboy, dickpup, titpup, chickadee, budgie, heiftaurus, vealtaurus, boy elfling, girl elfling, imp, lilim, foal, and filly. New futas like the futa demoness, futa mare and futa titwolf have also been added. Finally, for a full list of new additions, here’s the devilish changelog for 6.6.6.

6.6.6 Patch Notes

Additions – Queen Kaliba’s Halloween Quest! Start by visiting town a few times in October. It’s a fairly involved questline that includes a puzzle and a new sex scene! (let me know if there’s any trouble starting or progressing through the quest) – New/reworked neoteny monster variants: Kittengirl, Kittenboy, Dickpup, Titpup, Chickadee, Budgie, Heiftaurus, Vealtaurus, Boy Elfling, Girl Elfling, Imp, Lilim, Foal, and Filly – New genderbent futas: Futa Demoness, Futa Mare, and Futa Titwolf – Revamped futas: Futa Harpy and Futa Elf – You can now go inside Cordelia’s Lab – Added Swine color variations

The public Alpha Build 6.6.1 of Breeding Season is available here , and is completely playable in a web browser. If you support the game on Patreon, you probably already have access to the exclusive 6.6.6 Patron Alpha as well.

For more news on Breeding Season updates and more, be sure to follow us on Twitter  and Tumblr.

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