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Breeding Season, a game that we covered in a previous article regarding their ALPHA 6.0 update and 5.8 public releases, continues to produce updates that showcase improvement and promise. Sadly, the development of certain animations and art has been slowed down in the previous month, as certain contributing members and the head developer of Breeding Season have taken ill for a short amount of time.

This doesn’t mean that their dedication to updating their content has reduced in the slightest and their most recent Hot fix 6.0.1 fixed some issues that players experienced. These updates are not available to the general public just yet, but for now Patreon supporters can hope to get such fixes early.

However, a recent update on the game’s art will leave many players in a state of gratification. These updates include sketches that showcase future catgirl and breeder animations that will be the main focus this month. Additional changes contain revamps of certain NPC or characters that portray a substantial increase of quality. This game has come far and we will follow up on any worthy news that shows equal promise in the future.

Players hoping for more news can check out the developers blog for more information or check out the developers Patreon.

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