Putting the D in the double D.

New updates on the upcoming monster breeding simulator Breeding Season have been announced on the developer’s blog in recent months.

The most recent update of Breeding Season unveils more new character models, adding to the vast amount in the game. The new monsters include a mix of anthropomorphic beasts and mythological creatures, such as horses, harpies, demons, wolves, and tikbalangs. The implementation of these new monsters in Breeding Season will have to wait for a few months since compatibility issues seem to have arisen in the development process regarding the character models. According to the developers, these issues can result in some delay as they attempt to fix these problems.

Interested players who were hoping to play the recently-released public Alpha build of Breeding Season will have to wait for a bit longer since Alpha build 6.3 is exclusively reserved for Patreon donators. This build also includes the past additions from Alpha builds 6.2 and 6.1.

– New Lesbian Animations: Catgirl x Holstaurus, Catgirl x Catgirl, Catgirl x Female Elf – New catgirl idle animation (ears are a bit screwy currently, will fix) – You can now cycle between different loops in animations by clicking the left and right buttons – Can now get more complicated requests, with stat and trait requests (the system for generating them is placeholder currently, though) – New traits: Gross, Altruistic, Selfish, Cruel, Nurturing, Mutagenic – Traits are now unlocked by completing silver or gold requests (placeholder system; in the future most traits will be unlocked by special requests) – Added the Church in town (no events there yet) – Added new hotkeys to some menus – Added many more of the old events back to the game (some may not have correctly gendered dialog, or may be missing associated consumables, etc) – Added a number of unique new consumables and consumable effects (gotten through events) – You can now see what active temporary effects are on your monsters – You can access the alchemy lab and the building upgrade menu, but neither of them do anything yet

– Futa Harpy can now be obtained – New animations: Futa Harpy x Catgirl, Female Breeder x Catgirl harvest (right now you can access it by breeding as harvest animations aren’t implemented yet) – Huge balance rework with how stats grow: instead of random chance they now grow on their own “XP bar”, that becomes harder to level the higher that the stat is, and consumables give a set amount of “stat XP” – Rough version of the fishing system is now available to play around with (unfortunately, fish aren’t useful yet) – Margo gives you a special request for monster types you haven’t bought the ranch building for yet (currently just for Harpy and Stallion)

– New Demon harvest, Futaurus harvest and Stallion harvest sex animations are in as placeholders for fplayer x demon fplayer x futaurus, and fplayer x stallion (eventually you’ll see those animations when you harvest instead) – Kay/Ellenor/Levi questline to get the alchemy lab is mostly complete! You’re able to get the alchemy lab, and can start the quest after getting enough affection with Kay (700) and running into her in town – New alchemy recipes – New debug code for NPC affection – Rehauled/refactored many of the core systems to clean up the code and make it more extensible, as a result saves won’t transfer from older versions for 6.3

While the newest build of Breeding Season is only available to Patreon donators, Alpha build 6.1.1 is publicly available and contains the following additions from prior Patreon-exclusive builds:

– There is now a debug-code-accessible-only animation gallery that allows you to view the animation for any breeding pair you want with whatever visual variations you want – Stallion x Catgirl animation has been added – The Futanari trait is now available again on catgirls and female elves, still need to reimplement their animations, though – Consumables now have special effects and can be bought and sold from Kay – The Guild Services menu now works, and you can use it to upgrade the shop or to order a monster. The order system has now changed: when you order a monster from the guild services menu a monster of the selected type with the selected trait will show up in the monster shop 7 days later – Incest now has repercussions! If you inbreed your monsters too often you’ll start breeding Gremlins. Gremlins cannot have any other traits or be used to fulfil requests. – There are now stat tooltips to indicate what monster stats are doing, as well as visual indicators of when stats have increased and how much XP your monster will get from breeding.

– Nearly all of the character portraits have been graphically updated, and now have animation – There’s a 3/17 St. Patty’s Day event with Bailey for the female breeder! (mostly finished, a little missing dialog) – The player menu and the contacts menu now (mostly) work, and you can use them to see your affection rating with NPCs that you’ve met – The Neoteny trait is back in the game, and you can obtain Kittengirls – Added 7 other new traits – The ranch is now scrollable, and the background will change with the seasons (snow and rain not implemented yet) – The look of the Town has been completely reworked – Delilah now takes her monthly debt payment from you again – Your monsters now have happiness, which rises each time it is mated but goes down a large amount if the monster ever goes over its stored heart threshold (doesn’t yet have a big effect on gameplay)

Players can consult the developer’s blog for more information on Breeding Season and support them on Patreon.

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