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The developers of Breeding Season have just introduced some new character designs and redesigns to their game.

The unique and sexy farming simulator Breeding Season has introduced a few new monster characters that will eventually be used for expanding your in-game establishment.

This time around the new additions to the farm include a Swing, a horny pigman monster very similar to the typical orc design found in a lot of Japanese games and a Mandrake, a plant type monster with a insatiable desire to plunge his vines into female crevices.

Along with the two new monsters, the developers decided to introduce some redesigns to older creatures in order to measure the public’s reaction and to compare and contrast them with older concepts. Below you can find what they had to say about them.

We’re also still working on the final Seraph and Dickwolf designs, so what you see here will probably not be completely final. However, the bust size for seraphs is final for variety and lore’s sake. Also because the Dickwolf needed to be updated like the rest of the models, we thought it would be the perfect chance to reenvision the Dickwolf to better separate regular monsters from their completely animalistic feral counterparts. However like I said, not everything is final for now.

All the new redesigns can be found below for your viewing pleasure.

To top off this update, we also got a glimpse of a new design for the ganguro style Inquisitor as well as the concept for Fluffdragon harvesting.

The Fluffdragon looks very happy with what’s going on. Who wouldn’t be?

The public Alpha Build 5.8 of Breeding Season is available here and completely playable in a web browser. If you support the game on Patreon, you probably already have access to the exclusive 6.0 Patron Alpha as well.

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