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The developers of the monster breeding simulator game Breeding Season have posted yet another update for their Patreon donators on their blog.

The new update includes a relatively small list of additions, alongside some bug fixes for known issues. On their official blog, the developers have voiced their concerns regarding the old animations. As their work on the new color system progresses, they decided to update all of the old animations. This means new monsters or animations won’t be included in this update and are planned for mid-August.

6.4 Patch Notes

Additions – You can now purchase building upgrades for buildings on your ranch – Auto-Harvester: Building upgrade that allows you to have monsters harvested automatically when they reach full hearts, but only harvests half as many consumables – Feeding Trough: Building upgrade that allows you to add a stack of consumables to a monster’s trough to be automatically eaten by them every day, by selecting them in their pens – Added weather effects to the ranch, now you can see some pretty snow, rain, and leaves falling in autumn – There are now days of the week: this doesn’t have much of an effect now, but eventually NPCs and shops may have schedules

Bug Fixes / Balance – The store will notify you when there’s new monsters now – Fixed a bug where harvesting level 100 monsters would break the inventory

Known Issues – Can’t sort by monster type in the Item menu yet – There’s no tutorial yet – Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet – “I hate words” can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)

Players can visit the developer’s blog for more information on Breeding Season and support them on Patreon.

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