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Super-Ecchi is Creating Femboy Visual Novel, A Life in Silk

Super-Ecchi, an adult indie development studio, is creating a highly interactive visual novel centred on the story of a feminine sissy boy – A Life in Silk. Players will aim to fulfil their dreams of becoming a glamourous t-girl model, coercing sugar daddies into helping out through mutual favours.

Most of the games we cover here are all about the girls. Big and small, of all races and persuasions, they’re definitely the bread and butter of the adult world. Every now and again though another, less reviewed genre will pop out of the woodwork. A few weeks ago we covered Muscle Paradise, a game aimed at women and the gay market. A Life in Silk is made for an even gayer market, and women who like their boys effeminate and submissive. The question remains in the air though; are traps really gay? The answer to that should be quite clear – who cares.

A Life in Silk, developed by indie studio Super-Ecchi, aims to confuse your sexuality even further. The game will follow the story of an as-of-yet unnamed protagonist who seeks to become the femboy to end all femboys. Having just turned 18, our twinkish hero has set himself the goal of taking over the city with his never ending and voracious sexual appetite. While he may dream big, the reality is that he’s still stuck in the suburbs living with family. In order to reach his goal of full feminization, he will need to seduce and coerce sugar daddies into paying his way through sexual favours. Make fashion choices and improve your oral skills to become the best there is. Squander your talent? Unthinkable.

A Life in Silk began its life in May of last year, surpassing its initial goal of $3000. The funding took place on Offbeatr , an adult crowdfunding resource. Development is still ongoing however, with updates as recent as late October. It’s generally preferred that the final product be polished and complete, so any additional length in time needed is understandable. While the game isn’t voiced, it features a pumping soundtrack that echoes the kind of clubs such a sissy might frequent, and fits quite nicely with the theme. It’s almost Hotline Miami-esque at times, which was certainly a selling point for that particular title. The artwork itself is quite nice, and the main character is sure to push some buttons. The game functions somewhere between a visual novel and dating sim, and will allow the player to choose from different daddies with which to play. Each daddy has different stats and kinks, which players can use to their advantage.

The dating system is one of the main features of A Life in Silk, as well as interactive sex, “hyper senses” which allow the players to see new narrative paths, a modular wardrobe and mini-games. The wardrobe will also be a key factor, and plays into the dating system. Certain daddies will enjoy different things, such as a maid outfit, which players can wear in order to boost their enjoyment. There will be a bunch of different outfits to suit different kinks, from bunny girls to faeries, so nobody will be left out. From the screenshots available, it looks as if you may get to choose between characters as well. Other features that are in the works include a companion app, which will set players real-life tasks to complete. This is of course entirely optional, but players who identify with the feminine lifestyle may enjoy the thrill. The app will be released on Android and iOS, and is due for completion once A Life in Silk has reached its beta stage.

A Life in Silk has no official release date yet, but you can check out its development progress on the team’s development blog for up-to-date news. You can also take a look at their Offbeatr page , which posts some updates as well. Super-Ecchi is also on Twitter, so any questions can be directed that way. The game is currently available on a physical CD to backers, and we’re unsure if the game is available to the public just yet. EDIT: Super-Ecchi confirmed that the game is currently only available to their backers, but will be declaring their release schedule soon. Will update as it comes.

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