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Irotoridori no Sekai Prologue Translation Patch

The translation project of the nakige visual novel and eroge Irotoridori no Sekai has just been revitalized through the release of a prologue translation patch.

The fan translation group, SakuSaku Translation Project, has recently released a prologue translation patch for the PC visual novel Irotoridori no Sekai.

Originally released in July of 2011 in Japan by studio Favorite, Irotoridori no Sekai is a ‘nakige‘  with an episodic story. It follows the adventures of Kanoue Yuuma—a young man who received mysterious magical healing abilities as a child. The title has been re-released twice; once in 2013 as Irotoridori no Sekai World’s End Complete—this featured an additional novel that wrapped up the game’s story. The second re-release in 2015 for the PlayStation Vita as Irotoridori no Sekai World’s End -Re:Birth- had the pornographic content removed, but with the addition of a few new event CGs. You can read a short story synopsis, courtesy of Micchi of the hau~ omochikaeri blog below and view a couple of censored CGs from the original Japanese release.

When he was a child, Yuuma received a special power from the “translucent magician”, Shinku. Just by touching someone with his hand, he is able to cure all of their wounds in return for some of his memories. In the furthest most port town of Kazatsugahama, there is a link to a another world hidden in the basement of the Arashiyama-sou dormitory. Within this world he lives his life like a dream. One night while the full moon shone brightly, a girl descended from the sky. “Mister magician, please save me.”

The prologue patch also contains a subbed version of the game’s opening animation, shown below.

As Irotoridori no Sekai is a fairly old game by Japanese visual novel standards, getting a hard copy of it may pose a challenge. A digital version of the game, to our knowledge is also not yet  available. Your best bet to finding the game is looking through Amazon JP.

In case you experience technical problems with installing the translation patch, you can always visit the SakuSaku Translation Project website to find troubleshooting information or ask the creators of the patch pertinent questions on their Twitter account.

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