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Dragon Tactics Memories RPG Card Game Now Available on Nutaku

Dragon Tactics Memories, the new card battle RPG game, has just been released on adult gaming network Nutaku. Fight battles in a high fantasy setting, adventure in the land of dragons, and enjoy some sex on your time off.

Nutaku have been expanding their portfolio for a while now, with the recently released Girls Kingdom taking the most recent spot on that list. There have been a few different genres they’ve covered so far, like the action-adventure title Ultra Adventure Osawari Island or the visual novel Everlasting Summer. This time, however, we have another card game on our hands.

Dragon Tactics Memories is set in the land of Dragina Kingdom, a place guarded by the Dragon Blood princesses, who harbor a dark and wonderful secret. The power in question is the ability to awaken and unleash the magical abilities that often lay dormant within the male soul. Players can seduce these sorceresses for their secrets, but are prey to rival knights who might get there first.

dragon tactics memories 1

There isn’t as much information on the store page of Dragon Tactics as there usually is with Nutaku, but we dove into the game itself to bring you what we could. You will begin the game with a short summary of the story, which explains the history of the world you play in, and shows you some of the girls you’re likely to meet along the way. These come in the form of “memories”, and these sex scenes will stay with you even if you lose the knight from which they came. Memories can be viewed at any time, so if you liked one particular girl, you’re free to enjoy her company for good. Memories also have voice acting, so players can enjoy audio of their girl moaning for them.

Upon awakening in the game world, you will be greeted by your busty adviser and underling Ema, who will inform you about an impending battle with the Zoldark Empire. After her short introduction, she will begin a short tutorial covering gacha and card mechanics. Battles have their own functionality, with each card attacking a few times per turn to deal damage. Attacks have a “duel phase”, which deals small damage, and a “mobius phase” which deals huge damage, though “huge” is often relative in an RPG. Attacking costs “spirit” to begin, and varies depending on whether the player chooses a standard attack or a full attack. Players can also run from enemies if they so choose, which may be advisable if your spirit is low. Battles work in an interesting way, in that a loss doesn’t necessarily mean defeat: If a player’s cards have been slain, they will be kicked back to the boss screen where they can try again with a full hand; however, this can’t be done forever, as each subsequent interaction will cost “spirit” after your first attempt.

dragon tactics memories 2

There are some waiting periods in the game, which brings us to the free to play aspects. Spirit can only be replenished by waiting, or by spending 10G on a “Talisman of the War God”. Much the same as in any F2P game, gold is a cash purchase item, and is the only way to remove the time barriers. Like other Nutaku titles, Dragon Tactics Memories also uses a gacha system, which allows players to roll for new cards, card fusion materials and more. There’s the normal gacha, which runs on “ally points”, something collected as players progress, and a premium gacha, which uses Nutaku Gold for currency.

dragon tactics memories 3

And there you have it. If you’re into card games and salacious moaning anime girls, then Dragon Tactics Memories might be worth a shot. As mentioned, the game is free to play for anyone with a Nutaku account, so trying it won’t cost you anything. It may be a little complicated if you just want to get your rocks off, and probably isn’t something you’ll spend a lot of consecutive time playing, but seeing how it’s playable for free, Iyou can’t complain too much.

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  • Herp

    Hmm looks a bit like Lord of Valkyrie. If it is, that would be pretty disappointing but I’ll probably try it anyway.

  • Ash

    This is extremely boring gameplay (probably the most boring game on Nutaku). And the sex scenes are just an image with some text and sounds.