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The mobile turn-based RPG Sword Art Online: Code Register has received an update featuring a more scantily clad Strea and Sinon.

Developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Sword Art Online: Code Register is a freemium turn-based RPG, bringing together all the popular from across the Sword Art Online franchise. In SAO: Code Register the players assemble teams of characters from the fictional MMORPGs Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online and Gun-Gale Online. The game uses an attack combination system dubbed the “Duel Order System”, which allows for stringing and queueing up of powerful continuous blows. Apart from the combo system, there are also “Sword Skills”, powerful abilities that help with dispatching the strongest of foes, and “Battle Abilities” that help with buffing and healing your party members.  To build up a strong party of characters, the players can also complete quests that yield weapon crafting materials.

If you would like to see what Sword Art Online: Code Register plays like, we direct your gaze to the PV below. 

We have also learned (via Social Game Info) that the game has been temporarily enriched by Strea and Sinon in revealing bikini armor. Be sure to read what the ladies bring to the fray, both visually and gameplay-wise.

Bandai Namco’s game SAO Code Register now has Strea and Sinon arriving as rare scouts in dangerous outfits!

Starting October 26th, Gumi<3903> and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s game Sword Art Online: Code Register will have new characters added as rare scouts.

Dangerously Bewitching 6-Star Strea and Sinon arrive! Watch out for their strength and beauty!

Rare Scout time: until October 31st, 11:59 PM.

Strea and Sinon arrive in new costumes for rare scouting. Check them out. They’re dangerous. But that’s not the only thing dangerous about these two. Their power is also pretty dangerous! Strea comes with an ability to strongly buff all allied men. Sinon comes with one that buffs anyone that is equipped with a certain weapon. And they both come with these leader skills from the very beginning when you scout them. Scout them up and make a dangerous party!

Innocent Imp: Strea

Dangerous Hunter: Sinon

Sword Art Online: Code Register is only available in Japanese, but that has not stopped players creating communities around the game and helping non-Japanese speakers get into it. If you would like to join in on the fun, join the Facebook Sword Art Online Code Register English Game Group. The group contains several handy game guides; including a starter guide and links to several online resources explaining in-depth game mechanics, character abilities, and more.

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