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Supercreep Adult RPG Demo Now Avaialble From Lawina

Supercreep, the RPG maker game by Lawina, has now been made available for players to try out. Supercreep features full 3D artwork and follows the story of a loser who has just gained superpowers.

RPG Maker has proven to be quite popular with adult developers as of late, allowing ease of access for newcomers and experienced authors alike. While RPG Maker itself isn’t anything too special in the looks department, when it comes to adult titles, it’s the custom artwork that sets apart the wheat from the chaff. Supercreep aims to do this by incorporating fully 3D art assets into the game, which will appear during cutscenes. Supercreep will include a range of diverse girls to suit all tastes, with varying skin tones, hair colors and body types.

Supercreep takes place in the 21st century, and will focus on your tale as the protagonist. Your character will begin as a loner; no friends, no job and worst of all, you’re still a virgin. Times are dark for your avatar, but a sudden change of luck bestows you with newfound superpowers. According to the developer page, players will have the choice to use their powers in different ways. You can use them to simply satisfy your sexual urges, become a villain, or be the hero the world deserves. Your decisions will have an impact on the story, which includes a “morality and confidence system” to keep track of your deeds and choices.

At the moment, Supercreep has between 1-2 hours of gameplay available, and a cast of leading ladies has already been implemented. According to the developer, the game is quite CPU intensive, most likely due to the 3D models. Lawina advises at least a mid-end chip if you want to run the game smoothly, though that shouldn’t be a big ask for enthusiasts. The demo is currently available to anyone with RPG Maker VX Ace , which is used as a kind of shell for running these demos. Future updates and versions, however, will only be available to Patreon backers, with the next release (0.2) due in early November. In the current build (0.01), the majority of the first main town has been completed, though there’s much more to come in the next updates.

According to the developer page, the new features will include:

•New superpowers (mind control, shapeshifting etc.)

•Changes to the way superpowers work (activating any time, any place)

•New locations (including real world)

•New missions and combat situations

•More companions and party members for you to obtain

•Upgradable player accommodation with which to impress the ladies

•A “dungeon” with which the player can invite or force girls into

•Implementation of more unique fetishes

•A range of new girls to enjoy, including celebrity look-alikes.

You can check out the developer’s website for more info if you’re interested, and can go directly to their Patreon page from here. If you want access to the game over the course of its development, the initial $10 tier will allow this, with higher pledge tiers gaining access to more. The game is still under development and in quite a primitive form, but as time progresses, things should shape up. So far the 3D modelling looks pretty great (is that Megan Fox?), which is certainly its main appeal. If you’re interested in the game, it’s certainly worth checking out the demo to see for yourself.

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