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Overwhored – Mind Breaking Girls Update

Several months have passed since we published our first look of the title Overwhored. Since then, several updates have ironed out the problems and spiced up the content.

Overwhored stars a horny villain called the Overmind, who attempts to conquer the world by enslaving various women and using the power of their orgasms to increase his own power. He achieves this goal through good old-fashioned mind-control rape, and the Overmind’s hypnotic powers allow him to shatter the minds of his victims, turning them into his obedient slaves.

With Cypress Zeta’s patreon goal of $1000 being reached, the promise of sequels have now been officially confirmed of which two have been planned for the far future: Overwhored: Fall from Heaven and Overwhored 2. Additionally, the developer has expressed interest in developing a wider range of games. Quoted from the developers blog, Cypress Zeta’s upcoming titles have been listed below:

1: Overwhored: Fall From Heaven This game is the expansion for Overwhored and will feature the Overmind’s invasion of heaven and attempt to conquer the goddess herself.

2: Overwhored II This will be a continuation of the Overwhored series featuring the Overmind’s first daughter, born of a Titan, and her own desire to take over the world and face the resurrected titans and a technologically advanced world she could not have known would exist in the dawn of the world.

3: Home Violation (Working Title) This is something short I want to do immediately after Overwhored is finished before I work on the expansion. This is an incest themed mind control visual novel. It won’t be long, it’ll only have a few pics and a short story and will serve mostly to help me get a grasp on visual novel systems.

4: Silent Hill like exploration visual novel In this game you play as a girl whose girlfriend has left her to work for a large company at their remote arcology (self-contained city). She gets a strange e-mail from her ex girlfriend trying to recruit her, but with a hidden message warning her to stay away and showing strange behavior from her ex. Determined to find out what is going on, the protagonist goes to the arcology to work for them and finds a sex-filled horror/wonderland hidden beneath a thin veneer of normalcy. This will likely be a visual novel, and is planned to be a joint-project between myself and NoMoshing, with me acting as the project head.

5: A Humorous Horror Dating Sim This will also be a visual novel. It’ll be a dating sim focused on a small, isolated town populated with cute girls that also happen to be horrifying monsters. You will attempt to romance them while also trying not to get killed by them. Expect a Jason-like slasher fic chick, a dream demon, a spooky ghost girl that crawls from reflections and a Saya-esque Lovecraftian horror to all be potential love interests. Expect the harem end to simply be you shoved in some alternate dimension where they all gang rape you for eternity, spooky style.

6: Sex Platformer Always wanted to make one of these, never had the time or tools to do it. Might whip a really simple one up sometime. Don’t expect it anytime soon, though. Everything else comes first. Go look up Condom Man Redux, Playshapes flashes or our friends making

Future Fragments (which is a big step up from the previous examples) to see what those are like.

7: Dungeon Keeper Sex Sim Remember Dungeon Keeper, or the more recent War for the Overworld that’s like an unofficial sequel? Well, I’d love to make one too – one that’s focused on mind control and turning cute girls into sex slaves. I would expect this one to be a LONG way off. I don’t have the skills or team to make it. But hell, I’d love to make it one day.

More focus has been spent on refining the existing art. A new artist named Zko, who is fairly well-known within the erotic mind control community has joined the team (you can sample some of his work on his personal site .) The lamia-nun seen above is a small example of his art. Below is another illustration to be featured in the game courtesy of Sleepymaid; another member of the artistic team.

Overwhored has recently released version 0.5.5 of Overwhored, which includes a beta of the game’s combat system, new sex scenes, several bug fixes, and updated text. The developer has stated that there are more updates to come, and that the game should be finished in a matter of months.[](https://www.lewdgamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Overwhored-3.png?a4f9ad)


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