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Cypress Zetas’s erotic RPG Overwhored has recently received a new public release marked 0.6. Overmind’s villainous conquest for pussy takes him to the icy Lapland.

After a successful closed beta for Patreon donors, the erotic indie developer known as Cypress Zetas has released a new public build of his RPG Maker title Overwhored. While we have already covered the game on a few occasions in the past, it’s prudent to remind the uninitiated what Overwhored is really about. In Overwhored, the player takes control of a revived evil lord known as Overmind, who is hell-bent on completing his sexual subjugation of fantasy kingdoms ruled by beautiful and powerful heroines. In a weakened state after his first defeat at the hands of the female champions, Overmind needs to replenish his lost strength through female orgasms of his mind controlled victims.

The newest update to Overwhored adds several new sex scenes with Bilbine and the Ice Queen’s daughter. This new chapter also features the Ice Queen Ilmater herself, and the snow & frost covered Lapland, inspired by real world Finland.

The latest build of Overwhored can be downloaded by following this link . You can also visit the game’s official discussion forum to give Cypress Zeta your thoughts about the current state of the game or simply to ask him relevant questions.

If you would like to support the creator and gain access to exclusive game content, you could always consider donating to their Patreon . You can also visit their blog for more information on the game itself and its upcoming updates.

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