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Set in a world where sex is both sword and shield, The Last Sovereign seeks to be a game that subverts expectations of adult interactive fiction.

Developed with the RPG Maker VX Ace engine by Sierra Lee, The Last Sovereign is a turn-based JRPG with a heavy emphasis on its writing. As stated by the creator, it is a game that seeks to reconstruct some classical tropes without needing to lose to every enemy to find the sexual content. First released to the public under its previous name The Last Fucklord on November 22nd, 2014, the game has overflowing sexuality with a sprinkling of quirky humor and plenty of content of both the adventuring and love-making variety. As of October 9th, 2015 the game’s version 0.12.2 public demo has been released, and there has never been a better time to dive into this realm of perverse fantasy.

The premise of the plot is that the armies of an Incubus King have been conquering the world, sexually enslaving anything in their path that strikes their fancy and overwhelming the rest with raw power. As the borders of their lust driven conquests continue to corrupt and subjugate human nations, only the Church of Ivala continues to fight back, sending individuals known as Chosen of Ivala to do their bidding. The protagonist, Simon, is a man in service to the Church of Ivala, and he is often tasked with guiding the chosen to battle, where they are fated to meet their inevitable end. Weary of this endless cycle, he begins a journey of self-discovery and transformation as he is exposed to an ever depraved world.

With a delightful cast of characters, some serious, others more absurd, The Last Sovereign has personality abounds. Each character looks distinct, even under the limitations of the RPG Maker RTP, utilizing some impressive custom art. Every character stands out in their dialogue and their abilities within both the game and the plot, and many of the girls currently have story routes dedicated to them. Of note is that protagonist is neither a character of neither the classic hero nor anti-hero varieties, and serves to keep the course of the story fresh. It isn’t just player characters that are a treat however, as every NPC and interactive object has their own humor and sexuality to help engage the player.

As a game, The Last Sovereign is something of a non-standard JRPG. All encounters are sighted and one-off, meaning there is a finite amount of experience points and money to be had. This serves to make the game more focused, making each encounter meaningful and potentially challenging. Many encounters have scenes with characters afterwards, some humorous, others sexual. Battles are often a case of managing sexual tension while working to defeat enemies. Some characters use their lust to heal, others to attack. It’s not just the combat mechanics that have a sexual theme however, as even the currency types do, being called Sx and ProN respectively. In addition to needing to be careful with choices in combat and with money, the game has plot choices that can influence the flow of the game or to make a situation more or less difficult. Currently, there are just over ten hours of playable content to enjoy, with more than forty sex scenes to give with it.

The most recent update to the game addresses game balance and completes more of the story, finishing a character’s route and adding additional sex scenes. Each update works to bring the game additional polish, with new content, bug fixes, difficulty tuning and editing. Previous updates have also included rewrites to the story, including a parody patch for last April Fool’s day.

If erotica and RPG mechanics in equal parts sounds like your cup of tea, then you can try out The Last Sovereign by downloading it from the author’s development blog . If your thirst was at all quenched by this delightful title, then perhaps consider supporting Sierra Lee on Patreon. There are monthly content updates to the title, and LewdGamer shall keep you ever apprised.

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