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Upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Features Alternating Panties

While the Guilty Gear series is best known for its arcade-style fights, it has also garnered a lot of attention through other means. While it’s not uncommon for games to have rule 34, Guilty Gear has spawned some characters now made famous because of it.

Bridget, for example, rose through the ranks to become one of the best known traps of all time, being popularized through fan art. TV Tropes, a website which lists various tropes as they appear through fiction, even has a term that was coined purely because of Bridget, aptly named “dropped a Bridget on him”, which describes a situation where a woman is revealed to be a man. This isn’t all about Bridget, however, as the latest Guilty Gear title has something pretty neat in store for a certain female member of the roster.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is the latest iteration in the series, which is due for a console release in 2016. The arcade version was released on August 25th of this year, but only in Japan. The game will also release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and is set to include a returning veteran – Jam. Jam on her own may excite some people, but developer Arc System Works has introduced something special for her fans. LewdGamer was alerted today to a forum post on NeoGAF by user Miku, which compiles screenshots and details that show Jam’s underwear will change for every day of the week. This isn’t something that’s ever been done before so prominently, at least not in recent memory. There’s even a wiki telling fans all the moves  to use in order to get a peek.

According to this wiki, the main color will be determined by your own palette choice, not unlike other fighting games. The differences, however, come depending on the day, each of which is laid out in a table on the page (as seen here). Each pattern has its own day; if you translate the day (土) out of context, it comes to “soil” which hopefully doesn’t mean what it normally would in relation to underwear. According to the guide, players can switch the camera around during play, and it’s particularly easy when fighting Sol. Some characters interfere with panty viewing, like Axel or Potemkin, whose tremendous girth takes up too much space on screen. Other methods include specific special finishers such as 6HS or 5K, and a few techniques that allow for quick glimpses.

The wiki is in Japanese, so you may need some translation in order to fully understand all of it, but the guide is quite comprehensive. The page also contains all the relevant colour schemes and names given to each, and there’s even a hashtag dedicated to the quest to view the underwear. The hashtag has been churning out images of their successes, which you can find on the hashtag itself or by checking out the galleries in this article. You can also check out the original thread in English (as linked above) that compiled the information, so be sure to thank the uploader, for he is doing the lord’s work. Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator’s- console counterpart will be out next year, so maybe we’ll see some more panties then.

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