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Divine Slice of Life

Divine Slice of Life Now Available

Goddess or mortal, the choice is yours

Divine Slice of Life, the new game from developer Aj Tilley, has just been released on MangaGamer and Steam.

For those who have been visiting LewdGamer for a while, you might remember Aj Tilley as the man who helped bring us a certain game known as Beach Bounce. This time around, in Divine Slice of Life, you play as Aaki, a normal young man who finds himself torn between several love interests, two of which happen to be demi-goddesses. The game comes in two versions, a censored version available on Steam due to their particular policies, and an uncensored version available on MangaGamer. It’s worth noting that buying the uncensored version from MangaGamer does offer a free code for the Steam version of the game.

Take on the role of Aaki, a seemingly normal if somewhat self conscious young man, whose life is turned upside down after a casual stroll through the local park. Now he has to deal with two mischievous demi-gods who insist he must marry one of them. If that wasn’t enough it seems that several women he knows have also decided he must go out with them, and all the while he has his exams to deal with too.

It’s a tough time for Aaki in this little Divine Slice of Life.

The game features a large script and amazing artwork to tell Aaki’s story giving the player key choices to make throughout which in turn effect how Aaki’s life is shaped and what the games final ending will be.


  • Detailed Story with Multiple Alternate Endings
  • Voice-acting for the main characters
  • Five separate female romance options
  • Fun, Tongue in Cheek script
  • Multiple choices with a branching story
  • Dedicated Original Soundtrack
  • Un-lockable in-game gallery
  • Steam Trading Cards

The game is priced at $15.99, but is currently discounted on both Steam and MangaGamer at $11.99 and $12.79 respectively. The soundtrack for Divine Slice of Life is also available as a DLC item through Steam.

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  • Nin

    I’m honestly surprised at how well AJTilley is doing these days considering his games are pretty bad. Though to be fair, it’s not like everything on DLsite is good either. At least he doesn’t seem reliant on KS anymore.

    I’m sonewhat interested in a review for this out of sheer curiosity.

    • I think it might potentially be lots of different little teams working on different projects. If each project is independent their own success is in their ability to finish those. Quite a lot of other vn projects have teams of 3-10 people depending and it tends to be to make up for time deficiency. All those Kickstarters were more or less able to fund continued almost full time development I assume. If you convert most of your development teams to sizes of 2-3 the figures you tend to see on steamspy make it perfectly convenient to continue doing so. Though its getting those contributors or Paid staff full time in the first place.

  • wererat42

    I honestly see Tilley as a producer or manager rather than a creator. Two of his games kind of look like they might have potential (disclaimer: I backed them) but who knows.