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New MMORPG Big Bang Empire Arrives on MiKandi

Big Bang Empire, the multiplayer RPG based around adult entertainment, has hit the MiKandi digital store. The title, developed by XOZ games, is available for browsers and Android devices, pitting players against one another in their fight to be the best in the industry.

The premise behind Big Bang Empire is quite simple, thrusting the player into the world of glitter, plush and red lights. An MMORPG might not be something you’d usually associate adult entertainment with, as most experiences tend to be single player or involve some kind of versus system, like Girl’s Kingdom. A lot of MMO’s certainly have sexy portions to them, such as Tera or Scarlet Blade, but that generally isn’t the main focus of the gameplay. In Big Bang Empire, that’s somewhat different as players will perform erotic acts to progress, such as stripping or pole dancing.

big bang empire 3

The MMORPG aspect of Big Bang Empire functions much the same way as other games of this nature, with players indirectly and directly competing. Players will work their way up from unknown beginnings at strip clubs, earning the cash to buy sexier outfits, all the way up to producing their own erotic blockbuster. Players will also be able to join or create studios, working with or against each other to knock the competition out of the park. If a player chooses to fight, they will be sent to a battle screen where they can duke it out. Your stats are displayed, as well as those of your rival, which have the biggest impact on your success. The battles are automatic and skippable, if you just want to win and move on.

Before any battles take place, players will begin by creating their own character first and foremost, which has a few different combinations on offer. You’ll be able to choose between a male and female character, which both come with a selection of faces, skin tones and hairstyles. You can make some pretty interesting looking people (for reference, this is the guy I made). Once complete, you’ll delve into the game with a short tutorial that explains some elements. Certain missions are time sensitive, and this is where the F2P aspect comes in. While the game is free, players can buy gems with real cash so they can skip the more boring aspects of the game. With gems, players can skip the wait time for missions that require it, which starts out quick but is likely to increase as you progress.

big bang empire battle

The game is currently available on browsers as well as supporting Android devices via MiKandi. It’s free to play as mentioned, but does include micro-transactions for gems. Big Bang Empire is available in multiple languages though from the looks of things, the English version at least, only offers transactions in pounds (£). You’ll need the latest version of Flash if you want to play on a web browser, otherwise any modern Android handset will suffice. Now go, let the (adult) legend come to life. If it interests you, that is.

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  • Azure

    It’s not all that great. Literally click a mission tab out do something else. Use shop and comeback the next day irl.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Sigh. The sound of those F2P mechanics are a real turn off. I’ll give it a go but I’m not expecting much.

  • Ash

    This is one of the most friendly games for Free Players and you don’t even need to spend real money unless you want to be a boss of a studio and level it up faster. You can easily get Diamonds (premium currency) just by doing short surveys, from login gifts, quest rewards, mission rewards, duel rewards, shooting porn movies. You can also get boosters using game money, recharge Stamina using game money (Notes) and the Diamond costs of items on the shop are so cheap you can easily farm Diamonds playing as F2P. You can join a studio as free player and get the massive stats boost without spending any money.

  • I’ve got the ‘Viva La Glam’ studio going if anyone wants to join. 🙂