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Bishonen App Muscle Paradise Brings You Seriously Sick Gains

Muscle Paradise, a new bishōnen title courtesy of developer Genius Ltd., has recently been released on iOS and Android devices.

Bishōnen is a particular genre in Japanese culture that’s proven to be very popular with teenage girls and the young gay male demographics, transcending the boundaries of gender and sexuality through a shared love of cute boys. The genre itself is somewhat of a social phenomenon with certain demographics of Japanese youth, with the term bishōnen itself literally translating as “beautiful youth (boy)”. The term is usually reserved for more svelte males if popular imagery of the bishōnen genre is anything to go by, though sometimes it can apply to more than just somewhat androgynous young men.

This is definitely one of these cases, as news of Muscle Paradise surfaced a little while ago. Anyone who frequently checks out a certain anime distribution network known as Crunchyroll might have already heard about this. The attention to this different little app was first brought about there, and Muscle Paradise is simply too interesting not to cover. Muscle Paradise exclaims itself as a “celebration of muscle at last” on its app store page for Android, and is a counterpoint to the more generic bishōnen we’re used to.

Muscle Paradise places you in the role of a sporting-goods store employee, working at a place called Makila. Here, you’ll find different activities, and enlist the help of someone known as MTK (Muscle teacher Kira). The game is about building up your character’s body to perfection, and going by the images of the game, beyond even that. Genius Ltd., the developer behind the title, presents you with “three poor heroes” who meet at Makila and are in need of your help. The first is a tsundere childhood friend named Tachibana, who has an aversion to muscle training. The second is a fine gentleman named Naruse, a man with an inferiority complex that needs a push towards his goals, and the final character available is Shinomiya, who fails to truly grasp muscle training, but with a little correction he can be changed.

Your goal in Muscle Paradise is to help these three young men turn into the huge, yet beautiful, slabs of meat they were always meant to be. There are three mini games right now; “muscle bending” through screen swipes, “muscle beating” through vigorous screen taps, and a quiz to train the most important muscle of all (note: the brain is not actually a muscle). The three guys you’ll be dealing with enjoy different sports, so if you have a particular thing for a basketball, soccer or baseball player, your tastes have been accounted for. Genius Ltd. recommends Muscle Paradise for muscle lovers first and foremost, or for anyone who wants more knowledge on the subject. That last one is a probably questionable, but the first reason is good enough for us.

Muscle Paradise is available now on Android or iOS , and while it is free, the store page does mention in-app purchasing. The game is in Japanese, but if you really love muscular bishōnen guys, it may be of interest. You can also check out a video here which may provide some more insight into Muscle Paradise. Will you join the trio in rigorous training just to make your boy huge? After all, have you seen the size of these guys?

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