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Kimochi Adult Games Marketplace

A Steam for adult gaming

In the mainstream PC gaming world, the advent of Steam revolutionized the distribution of games directly to the consumer; however, there is one area it has failed to deliver to the customer.

The main drawback of Steam, as far as we here at LewdGamer are concerned, has been its lack of support for adult gaming. While the world of PC gaming as a whole has been greatly affected by this model, one particular group that has benefited from this is developers of independent games. As the majority of adult games created in the West are indie titles, the lack of content distributors tends to hold back their work. A new digital games marketplace seeks to do for the world of adult gaming what Steam has done for the mainstream gaming scene: Introducing Kimochi, a digital games distribution platform specializing in adult games. The interface is rather uncomplicated and straight forward and very easy to use, with most games requiring nothing more than a click to download and install.

Additionally, we reached out to the developers of Kimochi for further comments about their platform.

“We think adult game developers and players should have access to a great user experience that their SFW counterparts have. The Kimochi team is all developers who are super excited about building a one-click discover/install/play experience for everyone.”

While the selection of games is limited at the moment, Kimochi is definitely looking to expand its library. Many of these games are free to play, though some of the few that are not do offer demos you can play prior to purchase. Several titles previously covered by LewdGamer are featured on Kimochi, such as Arena of Audacia , Breeding Season , Future Fragments , HDoom, and Malise and the Machine. Other popular titles such as Akabur’s Princess trainer and Witch trainer are also available.

Kimochi has the potential to greatly expand the accessibility of adult games to the general public, as well as giving more developers a chance to distribute their works to a much larger audience. This could lead to much more exposure for these games and developers that would otherwise go unnoticed by many players. LewdGamer is very eager to see to see where this goes, and will definitely bring you more on the development of Kimochi as it goes forward.

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