Putting the D in the double D.

The Japanese indie fighting game Vanguard Princess featuring an all-female cast has recently received new DLC adding a new playable character and game modes.

Developed by former Capcom sprite artist Tomoaki “Suge9” Sugeno and published by eigoMANGA on Steam, Vanguard Princess is 2D fighting game with a cast of colorful and unique girls to play as. Vanguard Princess Kurumi is the latest DLC expansion to the game adding a new character called Kurumi along with several gameplay additions, which include a revised single player mode, a new handicapped team battle mode, a new survival streak mode, new stages, new alternate endings for other playable characters and more in-game music tracks.

Check out some screenshots, Kurumi’s character introduction and an intro video for Vanguard Princess Kurumi just below these paragraphs.

‘Vanguard Princess Kurumi’ features the cheerful teenager, Kurumi Mirumati. Kurumi appeared from the wreckage of a plane crash without any memories of her past. As the sole survivor with no memories or known relatives, she was sent to live in an orphanage. Despite her tragedy, she has an upbeat and positive outlook on life.

A government experiment accidentally triggered a shock wave that inexplicably gifted her with mystical powers. Shortly after receiving her new abilities, Kurumi began to hear voices. The voices promised to uncover the mysteries of her past and unveil her life’s destiny. That was enough motivation for her to leave the orphanage and purse a new world of wonders for herself.

While the DLC adds a lot of new content to the game it also removed the ability to play as Hilda, one of the previous downloadable characters. After fans of the series expressed their concerns about this state of affairs, eigoMANGA came forward with a new statement saying Hilda will be included in a free future update.

Longtime Vanguard Princess gamers voiced their issues about a playable Hilda character being left out of Vanguard Princess Kurumi.

We will include her into the DLC for people who originally owned the Hilda or Lilith DLC.

We’re busy working on the update so that she can be playable in the new modes within the Kurumi DLC.

Expect the free update to come out within a few weeks. In the meantime, continue playing Vanguard Princess Kurumi.

Vanguard Princess Kurumi is now available for purchase on Steam for $3.99 and requires the original version of Vanguard Princess to run. LewdGamer has previously reviewed this cute fighter, so before you decide to buy this colorful girl-laden adventure, we recommend you give it a read.

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