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[UPDATE] Senran Kagura Estival Versus' Ryouna Receives Sexy Merchandise

Senran Kagura Estival Versus’s own masochistic boob angel Ryouna has just received a whole set of lewd merchandise via Hobby Stock.

Following the conclusion of a recent Hobby Stock Senran Kagura character popularity poll, the retailer has announced several new and sexy items featuring Ryouna, who made her first appearance in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus. LewdGamer went ahead and managed to translate a bit more information (via Gamer) on every single piece of merchandise available for preorder from the 15th of July.

The first item on the list is a Ryouna oppai (boob) mousepad, with an extra large pad portion to emulate the female shinobi’s enormous bosom. Take a look at a sample image of it along, with some technical details just below this paragraph.

Size: 260 mm L x 220 mm W x 35 mm H (chest portion large size)Materials: PU, PVC, gel (pad portion)Original art: Yaegashi NanPrice: 4,000 yen (tax excluded)Release date: October 2015

The next two items include a tapestry and flat cushion, just in case you want to place your head on Ryouna’s boobs. Both are Hobby Stock exclusives, feature the same image as the mouse pad above, and are available in a three item set with the oppai pad. Check out what they look like along with the specs below.

Size: B2 (728 mm L x 515 mm W)

Materials: Polyester suede, pipe, and a string

Size: 310 mm L x 310 mm WMaterials: CottonSet price: 6,000 yen (tax excluded)

The appearance of the next item were personally supervised by lead Senran Kagura developer Kenichiro Takaki. After some collaborating with the SK artist Yaegashi Nan, they decided to make both sides of the Ryouna dakimakura (body pillow) extra spicy. Hobby Stock has mentioned that what you see below may not reflect the final product when it is finally released in October, so plan your purchases wisely. Check out the pillow’s design just below this paragraph and find out why you will not be doing any sleeping with it in your bed.

Size: 160 cm L x 50 cm WMaterials: Raikuton (2 way torikotto)Original art: Yaegashi NanEditing, Supervision: Takaki KenichirouPrice: 12,000 yen (tax excluded)Release Date: October 2015

Purchasing the pillow from Hobby Stock will also get you one extra item in the form of a microfiber towel using one of the pillow illustrations as its base.

Size: 200 mm × 640 mm

Hobby Stock sadly does not ship outside of Japan. You will either have to wait for online shops such as AmiAmi to get a hold of any of these fine items or use a good proxy service that ships overseas.

[UPDATE] The body pillow and mousepad are now available on AmiAmi. Thank you @Doodlyboops for informing us. [/UPDATE]

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