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Otium VR Is Making a New Adult Virtual Reality Game

There’s no doubt VR is going to be quite popular when it eventually becomes public. For now, a ton of things are still in development; there are bugs to work out, consumer comfort to think of and final touches to be made.

That hasn’t really stopped the buzz around VR and its potential, some estimating that it will be worth $30 billion by 2020. While that estimate may be a little ambitious, VR is no doubt a great leap forward for the way we experience technology. Whether it’s games with VR support, or games that are designed entirely with it in mind, people are busy creating new and interesting entertainment experiences. Of course, the potential for porn has been covered quite extensively over the past few years, with companies seeking to create immersive masturbatory aids that gel with VR.

One such company is Otium VR, a Swedish-based developer. Otium is busy creating Club VixXxen, an Unreal Engine powered game about a luxury hotel that’s full of secrets. The hotel in question is run by a notorious mafia family, a high-end front for their more nefarious deeds. Hidden deep inside the walls are an exclusive strip club, a 3D cinema and a casino, all of which you can visit. The game dares you to risk it all by entering the more seedy areas on offer, and even suggests there may be even more hidden away than is readily apparent. The game also offers online play, allowing players to mingle with friends in the dungeons of the castle and enjoy all of its dirty pleasures. The game does not require the Oculus (or applicable unit) to run, however the developer has created Club VixXxen with it in mind.

The game has been in development for a little while (starting around 2014), and has a lot to show off on its website. Developer progress has been somewhat catalogued, allowing potentially interested parties to keep track of bug fixes and updates. The developer has also shown off some impressive 90 FPS scenes, all running on Unreal’s ‘Epic’ setting. Due to its use of VR however, the recommended specs are quite high – clocking in with at least a 970 or a 290 is advised. The game will run on the latest renditions of windows (7/8/10), and is quoted to have a “full rift experience” when the headset ships in Q1 of 2016. The developer has stated that as time goes on “more stories will appear and be revealed,” as the game is currently still in a rather early Alpha version.

The game is currently available for download  as early access, with the page updating to provide the latest version at regular intervals. You can also pre-order the game to receive the final version once it’s complete, which is available for €20 ($23/£15). This is around €15 cheaper than the final release, and works much in the same way Steam’s Early Access program does. Buyers of the pre-order will also have their names featured in the credits as thanks, which is great if you want everyone to know you bought a VR porn game. The downloads page gives a fairly comprehensive list of features that are added at each interval, which includes something called “comfort mode” – a new navigation technique created as a solution to locomotion in VR. If you have a VR headset, Club VixXxen might be worth checking out.

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