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Girls Kingdom by Nutaku is Now Available

Nutaku, the popular adult gaming platform, has announced a new title known as Girls Kingdom is now available on their website.

You probably know Nutaku quite well if you’re reading this, as we’ve written about some of their titles in the past. The main allure of their titles is that everything in their catalog is free to play, and while they do offer in-game purchases, you don’t have to comply. Their library is still expanding, with Nutaku themselves stating they are the “world’s fastest growing adult gaming platform”.

Their latest title, Girls Kingdom, is an action-adventure strategy game with an anime art style. Your aim is to seek conquest, carving out a new kingdom for yourself by enlisting the help of saucy heroines. With lust as their weapon, the player will pit their kingdom against others in order to grow both it and their party. The adult element of the game is tied to progression, where earning the trust of individual girls will lead to greater bonuses and eventually a bedroom encounter. The mechanics in place seem quite in-depth, with the strategic elements shining through, so the game should likely be interesting on multiple fronts.

girls kingdom 1

Girls Kingdom has a bunch of listed features and describes itself as a “new, easy to play original action game that’s somewhat different from the rest”. Over the course of the game, you’ll meet and recruit sexy maidens with different skills and abilities, utilizing their power in story-based quests, challenges and a versus mode. The known features include:

Story Mode

Win the hearts of ladies and entire kingdoms, earn their trust and get them on your side. By completing side quests and challenges, you will be rewarded with their undying support and special adult scenes.


A staple of a Nutaku game, the Gacha is just as the name suggests. Using your free or purchased ticket, you can unlock unique heroines to fight by your side. By choosing between different types of Gacha, you can have the chance of winning resources, stones, or other prizes. If you happen to win the same heroine as before, you can merge them together to improve their overall skill.


Completing challenges will earn you different rewards, including Gacha tickets, new items or unique heroines. Gacha tickets can be purchased too, but if you want to go solely free to play this will be your avenue.


Enlist new recruits, upgrade your team, and fight in battles to complete each quest. Each victory you get under your belt will be rewarded with Gacha tickets, items, resources or a special scene of your party members.

Versus Mode

Girls Kingdom features a PvP element, allowing confident players to fight, conquer and steal riches from their opponents. The more fights and victories you gain, the more powerful your army will become. Will you strike fear into your enemies? Maybe? Probably not.

girls kingdom 2

The game is available right now on Nutaku for free, so if it sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider giving it a look. You can also find additional information there, including the (miniscule) system requirements, as though it’s truly necessary. The game is HTML5 based, and essentially only requires a modern browser to run.

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  • Joel Leonheart

    Damn I would play Nutaku’s games but I’m not that interested in web browser games (sitting on a computer especially)

    So I can’t wait for their ios/android release :3 (work in progress they said)

  • I’m enjoying this title. It fixed the main gripes I had with Aigis and the incorporation of player-generated content is seamless and enjoyable.

    The translation in Girls Kingdom is terrible. Probably the worst translation I’ve ever seen in a professional released eroge. The English is poor and in addition many of the lines aren’t even accurate to the dialogue. The descriptions of critical aspects of gameplay are occasionally worded so poorly as to be indecipherable. I’ve had to look up stuff in the Japanese wiki more than once.

    On the other hand, the loli sex scenes don’t appear to be censored, which was a pleasant surprise. Nicole is about as loli as it gets, and her scene doesn’t appear altered–though her chest was unexpectedly un-flat, so maybe they redrew it? Can’t say for sure, but the peep show H-scene is intact if badly mistranslated.

    Despite the terrible translation, I’m actually enjoying this game–moreso than Aigis. It addresses many of the complaints I had with that game, including the mindless grinding and the reliance on pattern memorization. Instead, the game rewards effective strategy and matches are more or less decided by effective planning–and everything you need to craft your strategy is available simply from the map preview (rather than having to watch the battle play out to plan out countermeasures). This means a careful player can beat a difficult map on his first try without having to watch someone else play the map first. The incorporation of player-generated content (versus mode) is an ingenious means of maintaining a steady flow of content in what is essentially still a single-player game. Watching people smash their heads against your map is endlessly entertaining.

    With Girls Kingdom I’ve finally encountered a F2P game I can actually get behind–and am actually willing to pay for. But shame on Nutaku for marring this excellent title with an awful translation. There’s hardly any text to QC, so how they managed to mess this up is beyond my comprehension.

  • Hentailovr

    I can’t open the downloaded file when I try to install the app…..I don’t know what application to use to make it run I need your help