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Beach Bounce Episode 2 is Now Available as Free Update

AJTilley, the publisher responsible for the visual novel Beach Bounce, has announced today that Episode 2 is now ready for download.

If you don’t already know Beach Bounce is the story of Tomoyo Oshiro, a young man seeking new fortune in life. The game is self-described as a romantic comedy, and Steam tags it as an anime adventure title with some added nudity for good measure. According to AJTilley, Beach Bounce is “so far our most successful title”, gaining around £8000($11,914) from pre-orders and crowd-funding. Due to this, AJTilley announced earlier this year that they would be expanding the game; a promise which they have fulfilled today.

This next episode developed by Yume no Mikata, will now be available to all current owners of Beach Bounce. This will likely affect all methods of purchase, which would include the adult version that’s available on MangaGamer , though this wasn’t explicitly stipulated. For more information on how to obtain your free add-on content, you can check with your retailer or visit the AJTilley forum , which also has special patches for non-Steam customers. The soundtrack has also had an update, and now includes the tracks from the new Episode 2.

There’s still more to be seen from AJTilley and Beach Bounce. The store page of which states, Episode 3 should be released on the 14th of December 2015. This will also be a free update to owners of the base game, which isn’t too bad for $15.99. The publishers have also announced that in light of Episode 2’s release, a sale for 20% off will be held. The sale will begin on the 19th of October, with no word on how long it will last. Beach Bounce Episode 2 will continue on from your last save file, referenced at the end of Episode 1, so no special requirements are needed. It’s worth noting; however, that AJTilley have said there may be some issues with earlier save points, though they have tried to mitigate this. In any case, making a backup prior to installation is advisable.

Beach Bounce is available right now on Steam (all ages) , MangaGamer ( adult version) or IndieGala which offers multiple versions. You can check out previous coverage here, as well as our LewdLook of Beach Bounce. Zenith wasn’t too kind to it, though the allure of anime babes has made many a financial decision on people’s behalf.

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