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3D Monster Girl Island Erotic Game Is in the Works

A 3D game featuring an ensemble of monster girls, Monster Girl Island is currently in the works by small independent developers Redamz.

Redamz has been meticulously working on Monster Girl Island for several months now using the popular Unity 5 game engine. Even if the game is still in its very early stages of development, there are already several interesting features planned for it. What is currently known is that you will be able to explore Monster Girl Island from a first person perspective and interact with objects and NPCs (the titular monster girls). The game will also feature a visual novel-like dialogue system; a “lewd scene system” (sex scenes), cutscenes, items and of course something a proper lewd game should always have – a groping system. The developer mentioned that not every girl will be central to the game’s plot, and there will be several hidden events and girls you will be able to discover by exploring the island.

While bringing the insular monster girl paradise to life, Redamz has posted several progress update videos (seen below) on his Tumblr development blog, which showcase various major and minor game features.




While introducing Monster Girl Island to the HongFire forums , the developer mentioned that he’s planning to release the game’s first playable demo sometime during the end of October or early November. We hope to get our hands on the demo sooner rather than later so we can report on our adventures to you, dear reader. While waiting for the game to come out, we encourage you to check out Redamz’s development blog where he not only posts updates on the game, but also his art samples.

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