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Petition to Allow Adult Content on Steam Gaining Traction!

Steam has been on the spotlight lately.

Steam has been on the spot lately due to controversial material…

Recently, games such as “Coming Out On Top” and “HuniePop ” have managed to cause a debate in the gaming community as to whether Steam should permit adult content to be distributed through their service. This is in light of the recent removal of “Coming Out On Top” from Steam Greenlight for containing adult content, despite games such as “BoneTown” and “Sakura Angels” (which feature similar adult content) passing through the system without issue. Many gamers who enjoy adult content are becoming frustrated with the site’s unclear rules and terms of service in regards to such, and are starting to demand answers.

A petition started by, Tristan Noel seeks to find these answers and advise Steam to support Adult content creators.

“In all artforms, there will always be things that provoke, things that invigorate, and things that offend. In the world of provocative or entertaining material, one of the most prevalent in today’s society is the inclusion of nudity, or sexual or otherwise lascivious acts.”

Critics of similar proposals have argued that with the addition of adult games in the mainstream video game markets, this would have the potential to make it easier for minors to get their hands on such products. Other arguments have also proposed that this could also cause gamers to be presented to a poor representation of sexuality and gender. However, little studies have been done to prove such argumentation.

If Steam does decide to maintain a stance against adult oriented material, this will leave an opening for an adult gaming distribution service in the future. is a fine example of this as they managed to be successful thus far even with displaying adult content, and focusing on the anime niche market.

“This has long been thought to be a paragon of offensive material, one that should be shunned, and pushed to the shadows by polite society.”

The time has come to end this trend.”

We had some time to do a quick interview with Tristan to give us some more in depth insight on this topic. Most interesting is his approach on combating the rampant piracy that occurs in adult oriented games. He states that because Steam does not provide an easy access process, this encourages people to find the quickest ways to access content. Despite this he doesn’t blame it all on Steam itself, and understands that in large companies mistakes are bound to happen.

“If I had control over Steam, I would set up a system were adult content is not visible. Any adult content will not be visible to anyone else but you. Steam has a lot of these things implemented in its system already, however they are not done well. Maintaining the curation of who can access what content is crucial, and would stop these kinds of situations from happening.”

Lewd Gamer agrees with Tristan in this wholeheartedly; that the times are changing as more and more people are starting to be more open to having a channel of dialog on opening the market to adult material. No one deserves to be demonized for enjoying their fetishes, or for seeking a place to obtain their desired material as the need arises. Steam, should they make the right and fair decision on the matter, can simply just make an age verified 18+ page as they have done with mature rated games. Yet as of now, they have chosen instead to continue to be obstinate, frustrating the people who use their service on a day-to-day basis.

What will Steam’s final choice be on the matter? Will they even take a side, or state a defined position? Lewd Gamer will make sure to keep you informed. In the meantime however, sign, support, and share this petition, and remember to embrace your inner lewdness!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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