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Unwonted Studios have released their first demo of dating simulator/visual novel, No One But You on Steam , alongside a separate download on Sekai Project.

No One But You is a dating simulator/visual novel, as our previous article indicates. Our protagonist Hideaki and his mother have recently moved to the city of Okutama and taken up residence in a rundown house. From here on out, Hideaki will have to deal with the struggles of high school life and will meet various female students in the process. The emotional connection between Hideaki and his mother is shown from the beginning and remains light-hearted throughout this demo. Nonetheless, some additional background on her personal life or his father would have made it more emotionally engaging. It can be hypothesized that their history remains a secret for the time being since this demo seems to utilize a lot of foreshadowing.

Most characters in this demo are female, and big distinctions between their personalities exist. The first encounter introduces Chinatsu, a girl that appears to know Hideaki from the past. No clarification on their past connection is made, but the chemistry between the two is handled well. A second girl named Megumi is met in the classroom and acts as the president of the student council. Her character is defined by a spontaneous and childish attitude, and even appears to be smitten with the protagonist on first sight. Yui and Shiro are two girls that appear in this demo as well but are represented in minor roles. Yui seems to possess a strong, unpleasant personality akin to a tsundere. On the other hand, Shiro acts like a standard smart, shy girl. Both have limited interaction with the protagonist in the demo, and as such, it is too early to judge their personalities entirely.

Lastly, an additional male character named Ryo serves as comic relief in this demo, as he befriends our protagonist in an unusual fashion. His introduction, albeit forced, felt genuine, and his personality does lighten the mood. A bromance seems to transpire between them, but no homoerotic themes will be represented in the final product.

The player’s interaction with all these characters occurs through text boxes accompanied by small and emotive character portraits. The quality of the dialog is average across the board and didn’t feel out of place or awkwardly written. However, it does have issues in the sentence structure as some sentences seemed to recur in style, alongside an occasional grammar issue that breaks the flow.

Some facial expressions are a nice touch and make the character’s personalities come alive on screen. Characters outlines and backgrounds look better than they did a few months ago, which can be attributed to the new artist that appeared in the development process a month ago. The overall coloration of the backgrounds and characters is one of the most impressive aspects and portray a warm, cozy feeling. Although the color of the sunlight might have been drawn a little too bright and was occasionally distracting.

The soundtrack of No One But You felt soothing throughout the demo. This is an excellent example of a good score that contains light and soothing tones that sounded appropriate in every scene. Players will not experience any H-scenes in this demo, but lewd content will be included in the final product.

No One But You is an interesting visual novel that has improved on most fronts since its last build. The art style and the coloration remain one of its better aspects alongside its soundtrack. However, the same praise can’t be leveled to its average writing style, which could have been refined more. Interested players can check out the demo on Steam and have the option to pre-order the full game.

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