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Model Kicked off of GoFundme

The search for monetary funds appears to be an everlasting struggle that some charities face. Every amount donated to charities is hereby revered as precious and looked upon with particular gratification. However, not every effort to gather money is looked upon favorably. This is evident in the recent banning of model Tracy Kiss from GoFundme. Tracy Kiss is by all standards a glamour model who attempted to raise a total amount of $10,000 which would have gone to charities supporting disabled people, children, and firefighters. The controversy was instigated when Tracy Kiss offered to send a topless picture of herself to people that donated over $10. A covered up sample image was put upon her page for advertisement purposes, and viewers could see her posing in the shower with her breasts were covered up with emoji hearts.

GoFundme has made it clear that adult content doesn’t belong on their site in their terms of service, and has refused to comment on individual cases. Nonetheless, Tracy Kiss portrayed some issue with their definition of adult content in a recent statement.

I was shocked when GoFundMe closed my fundraising page because of my controversial photo content violating their terms and conditions, which was a single topless photo that I’d censored by emoji hearts so didn’t actually expose anything,” she told the Mirror. “Bearing in mind a 12-rating in the cinema allows children to view topless images and nudity and simulate sex and violence; I presume the majority of the public using donation sites are well above the age of 12.

Another mainstream funding site called YouCaring has banned this practice as well per their terms of service. Tracy Kiss decided to take her leave of said sites, although this hasn’t tempered her enthusiasm in collecting money for charities in any way possible. Alternatives do exist, and those who are interested can visit her site for more information.

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