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Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal Reveal

Recent news that discussed possible development of a new Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal game has been released on this week’s issue of Dengeki Playstation . Additionally, a presented countdown on its development page has provided some furtherl context.

This new entry in  the series will include a protagonist called Zenox, who is on a quest to retrieve the Bra of Everlasting Darkness from a thief named Black Ottonias—in order to save the world. Monster girl companions will assist the hero in this quest. These monster girls don’t exist purely to entice the player with their representation, as interaction with these monster girls will occur in various ways. Players will have the ability to pinch, hold their breasts, and engage in a variety of lewd actions; by interacting with the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen. One interaction describes a double touch attack called ‘Heart-kyuun’ scratch, which will give players the option to interact with two monster girls at once.

The game will include 30 new monster girls in total, alongside 50 recurring monster girls of previous titles that will make an appearance. Individual endings for each monster girl will be implemented, although it isn’t clear how this will influence the overall content.

For now, Compile Heart portrayed no interest in making this game compatible with other systems and their focus on developing this game exclusively for the Play Station Vita has been made clear.

However; they have announced a presence at upcoming gaming event E3, where more details about their prospective title will become released. LewdGamer will provide more news on this topic when more such details become apparent. Follow us on Twitter for more news and updates.

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