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League of Legends Rule 34 Noxian Nights Now Available to Backers

If you’ve played League of Legends, and a lot of people have, then you may recognise the name Riven. While in-game Riven may be a ruthless and efficient warrior, she also has a ton of sex appeal that’s seen by many – including Riot.

Riven’s bunny girl outfit doesn’t stand alone, with many other female characters donning anything from nurse costumes to school uniforms. It’s unsurprising then that there’s a ton of fan artwork out there of all the female League characters, and a lot of it isn’t safe for work. Hreinn Games is one of these saucy creators, and they’re working on Noxian Nights, a porn parody of the popular MOBA.

Noxian Nights follows the aforementioned Riven, no longer fighting at the Rift, as she seeks a new nexus in life to aim for. Her comrades have fallen and she is seeking revenge, all while trying to find her true purpose in this changing world. The game will revolve around four main League girls whom remain unannounced to the public, including original enemies that have been developed to be lore friendly. The game has been in development now since July, and is currently on its Alpha 0.3 release.

The game has been through a series of releases so far, each one bringing with it a number of new scenes for players to enjoy, as well as tweaks to the game systems such as spell cooldown timers and status checks. Noxian Nights seems to have been created in RPG Maker, the easy-to-use development tool that’s the favourite of porn game creators everywhere. The art is well done and should appeal to fans of Riven, and seems to encompass a variety of kinks in its scene work. Also added were more plot areas to explore (plus variants), as well as side quests to keep the player occupied while development is ongoing. The developers themselves stated that it will have what they “hope to be an engaging and interesting plot” so that the game can be enjoyed on another level as well.

At present the game is only available to backers of Hreinn Games’ Patreon service. On this day the 8th of October, the 0.3 release is currently available to the $15 tier, with plans to release to lower tiers one week from now (13th Oct). While supporting your favourite creators is a great thing to do, Noxian Nights has some of its content hidden until you pledge. If you want to find out who the four female leads are, for example, you’re going to need to get out your wallet. For fans of Riven however, you may just be swayed already.

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