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Joy-Toilet Releases New Triple X Tycoon Trailer

Having announced the Alpha release of the upcoming Triple X Tycoon, developers Joy-Toilet is moving forward with their naughty simulation game.

In a press release today, Joy-Toilet has unveiled a new teaser trailer to the public. The new trailer is live-action, featuring humorous antics while an overworked director tries to make his scene work. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite to plan, and there’s a bit of a “green” twist to the story that’s quite funny. The developers hope to show off the general idea of what a director may go through in this quirkly game, as well as how your actors and staff may act and handle situations.

joy toilet triple x tycoon 5

In some recent forum posts by lead developer Christon “Doop” LeJohn, emphasis has been placed on the environmental artwork since raising funds last month. LeJohn said that the artwork came as part of an “ongoing effort to bring the game’s presentation up to speed in time for the tech demo” that’s scheduled to be available soon. Joy-Toilet has also been focusing on the foundations and underlying narratives of the game, ensuring that the people getting to play their demo have some solid work to test. Having input those funds, Joy Toilet has come out with “the casting couch set”, a scenario similar to Spanky’s Maximum which appears similar to the recent trailer. They have also given players the ability to expand their operation, without stepping too far out of their comfort zone. An example of this would be purchasing more motel rooms to suit your needs, to eventually just purchasing the entire motel outright.

joy toilet triple x tycoon 4

LeJohn added to this sentiment, stating that “While we can’t promise a public offering of in-depth gameplay just yet, we can shoot for proving ourselves capable of at least one stable release to backers.” For the record, the demo will also be available to subscribers, as well as a select few others. LeJohn said they hoped to get this out before “things really get crazy” over the next few months as development continues. The main aim, according to LeJohn, is to gather important feedback about the game from those enjoying the demo, adding that they wanted to “better understand what needs work and what already does work.”

You can view the trailer for this niche, adult title below, and you can check out Joy-Toilet’s updates on their developer forum here. You can also visit the website for Joy-Toilet and Triple X Tycoon, as well as check their progress on the official Twitter page.

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