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The gender-bending and ecchi science fiction visual novel Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale, has just received an alpha release.

Independent developer Lached Up Games has just released the first alpha version of their gender-bending and crime fighting VN, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign , which ran from the end of June ended in late July of this year at 25,120 AUD, the game’s first version was finally released on Septemeber 30th for its Kickstarter backers and in the Humble Store.

Due to the game being in its early alpha stage, it only contains about one hour of content from the story’s first chapter. The developer is promising monthly updates to the game adding more chapters, characters, locations, dialogue choices and gameplay elements. The final, complete game is expected to have 30 to 40 hours of content to go through. Check out Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale’s story synopsis, screenshots and trailer below.


Max’s Big Bust is a Life Sim/Visual Novel that follows the story of two cops, Max and Brad, as they investigate a shady new drug that’s been circulating the mean streets of Axon City. So far their drug busts have turned up nothing, but after a run-in with a mysterious artifact, Max is transformed into a blonde bombshell, and he’s not happy about it. How is this linked to the new synthetic drug, and where did this artefact even come from? Will Max find a way to change back, or will he be stuck as a chick for the rest of his life? Is this a bad thing?

This is the first early alpha release of the game, containing approximately one hour of content from the opening chapter. This release will be updated with new chapters, characters, locations, dialogue choices and gameplay elements as development of the game continues. This is a very early release, and there will be a large number of changes to the game between now and the game’s final release. Updates will be rolled out every month, and the final game will be approximately 30-40 hours long.


- Fully Animated Anime Cutscenes

- 30-40 Hours of Content

- A cast of 30+ Unique Characters

- 5 Love Interests

- Nearly 50 Different Locations to Explore

As mentioned before, Max’s Big Bust – A Captain Nekorai Tale is now available for the PC in the Humble Store for $29,99 and will also be available on Steam eventually.

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