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Lupiesoft Eroge The Menagerie Now Available to Pre-Order

Do you like monster girls, futanari, elves, and lots of bondage? It might interest you to know that as of today, Lupiesoft’s The Menagerie is available to pre-order right now! It’s also pretty cheap.

Announced today via MangaGamer, Lupiesoft’s new visual Novel, The Menagerie is now available for anyone interested to pre-order it before September 18.

For the uninitiated, The Menagerie is set in a city called Alabast. It is a city where the upper class are separated from the peons of the lower working class. The nobles rule from their decadent palace known to all as “The Sail”. Here, they live in the lap of luxury, ruling the city and looking down on those of the common variety. Alabast is a very classist city it seems, where its darkest secrets are kept even from the eyes of some nobles.

The Menagerie is a little-known place where the nobles trade slaves for pleasure, keep them as pets and treating them like property. The Menagerie follows the stories of the slaves; two in particular. One of them is of a race known as the “fiore” (futanari), and the other is a “drachene”.

The Menagerie PV from Peter Tao on Vimeo.

If this small synopsis interests you, feel free to check out our Lewd Look into The Menagerie, where we discuss the game’s concepts in detail. For those willing to get a more hands-on look at the game, a demo is available from the MangaGamer site. The Menagerie will be sold for $15.95 at launch; however, for a limited time until September 18, anyone who purchases it will receive a 10% discount, making the pre-order only $14.35.

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