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Anime Weekend Atlanta, also known as AWA, took place this weekend in Georgia for its 20th year. The convention runs for four days over the course of the long weekend, and is the 8th largest anime convention in the US. It is here where Sekai Project has announced even more titles they are localizing.

The AWA has some pedigree, playing host to animators, artists, film makers, developers and more. Every year, the AWA holds contests for costume design, fashion shows, concerts and panels for a multitude of mediums which anime calls home.

This year, Sekai Project , who previously made numerous announcements earlier this year at Otakon and Anime Expo, continued this trend of constant localization announcements. These following projects are now being marked for localization, while Sekai Project begins to have a greater presence in the Western market. Sekai Project has also revealed their very first original IP at AWA, titled Japanese School Life, which is about a foreign exchange student living in Japan. This title will be released in Spring 2016, and you can check out the trailer and details further down, along with all the other announcements made by Sekai Project.


Darekoi is a visual novel style game that takes place in the mystical Oriibu Village, which shares its name with the world at large. As the description provided by Sekai Project states, Darekoi follows Yumesaki Haruki in their return to the village and surrounding areas, a place where time stands still and the air is filled with nostalgia. The area has prospered for some time and has continued to do so, seemingly without end. Love has also prospered here, and is blooming along with the flowers that have never died.

Highway Blossoms

Developed by Alienworks, Highway Blossoms is a yuri story set in the picturesque American Midwest. After a discovery is made surrounding the discovery of an old miner’s journal, a national gold rush craze kicks off as people try to crack the code to the hidden treasure. Amber, one of the leads in the story, isn’t interested in gold, and wanders the roads in an inherited motor home, reeling from the loss of her grandfather. While drifting, she meets a young hitchhiker named Marina, and the story unfolds.

Yume no Sono

Yume no Soro follows two dreamers, Iris Marinari and Tomii Reika, as they attempt to escape the inanity of the real world and instead pursue others. Stranded in the ocean of time, the two meet each other on the outskirts of a ghost town, the legendary city of the Lost Ones. It had been said that one cannot cross the barriers to the city alone, so Iris and Reika must work together if they wish to make any progress. The two girls will try to find the truth as they uncover the secrets that this strange city has to hold.

Wagamama High Spec

Wagamama High Spec is a little sexier than the previous entries, and follows the story of a student and his second life as a romantic comedy manga author. Developed by Madsoft, the tale unfolds as our hero finds himself caught by the Student Council president. Stuck in a sticky situation, he bends to her will and joins the student council in exchange for her silence. Each member of the council has their own unique talent and skill, while some may be more relevant than others! Wagamama will release in Spring 2016.

The Orchard of Stray Sheep

Developed by Namaage in Japan, The Orchard of Stray Sheep centers on Yamada Ichirou, a negative and self-proclaimed ‘piece of trash’. Yamada finds himself appointed as the tutor of an innocent and naïve girl, Casserole. Will he eat her? What secrets await him at this small and secluded island academy?

Japanese School Life

Sekai Project’s first original IP, Japanese School Life, is the story of an exchange student who, by circumstance, has found himself in Japan. Anxiety and excitement alike envelop him, competing with one another to come out on top. Two young girls, Chiyoko and Arisa, are local high school students that are due to spend time with you during your exchange. You’ll be able to find out all about them as you adventure, including their measurements! The game is currently in production as of this writing, and will be available Spring 2016.

Sekai Project is clearly working hard to bring games to the West, which is most welcome. As the world becomes more of a “global village” thanks to the Internet, more titles could find their way to our shores.

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